Tuesday, February 5th 2019

Steam "Lunar New Year" Sale Is Ongoing; Grab Your Vices With a Discount

Despite the entire controversy that has been affecting the digital games distribution market in recent times, life is following its usual course over at the not-so-green, not-so-walled garden of Steam. The platform is having another Sale, this time, themed "Lunar New Year". The whole sale has an eastern flavor to it, which isn't that strange to understand.

There are the usual, multi-developer and publishing deals, but Steam has created a whole category for games by Chinese Developers, thus bringing attention (and keeping flavor, of course) with the sale's team. You can grab some nice discounts on West-developed games such as Vampyr, Bioshock Infinite, and some other classics and not so classics, or some particularly interesting East-developed titles. The sale ends on February 11th, and users buying games at a discount can count on another €5 off from their minimum €30 purchases, provided the conditions are met.
Source: Steam
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7 Comments on Steam "Lunar New Year" Sale Is Ongoing; Grab Your Vices With a Discount

Cool. Grabbed Far Cry 5, Sonic Mania, Borderlands 2, Jewel of the Nile DLC for Serious Sam 3, and The Game of Life.
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Must resist.... :(
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Got AC Odyssey with a 50% discount thats ok.
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The Division for 5 EUR. Nice.
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Picked up some older games that I never got a chance to play:

Company of Heroes
Battlefront 2 (2005)
Nexus: The Jupiter Incident
Serious Sam 2

Total cost: $12.46 :)
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Eh, I'll take $5 off of Seiko. I was going to it anyway, because FROM owns me.

Also, pigs are cool.
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Grabbed Witcher 3 GotY Ed. with all the DLC for $14.99. Why did I not already own this game? I have no idea...

phill said:
Must resist.... :(
This is the the time for buying! You have the rest of the year to responsibly resist while everything is at at full price. :D

(oh...except for that summer sale... oops)
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