Tuesday, February 26th 2019

Toshiba Unveils BiCS Flash Based e-MMC Ver. 5.1 Devices

Toshiba Memory America, Inc. (TMA), the U.S.-based subsidiary of Toshiba Memory Corporation, today announced that it will begin sampling new JEDEC e-MMC Ver. 5.1 compliant embedded flash memory products for consumer applications next month. The new products integrate the company's BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory and a controller in a single package. The company will continue to reinforce its market-leading position by delivering a broad, high-performance product lineup, including for applications that continue to need e-MMC as an embedded memory solution.
"e-MMC remains an important solution for many applications," noted Scott Beekman, director of managed flash memory products for Toshiba Memory America, Inc. "Our e-MMC products with BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory will enable these applications to continue to have access to the latest flash technology."
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Nice. I'm wondering what's the pricing gonna be like... Hopefully it'll be a cheaper alternative to current eMMC offerings. Maybe cheap enough to justify me getting a dedicated eMMC programmer )))
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