Thursday, March 21st 2019

NEC Display Solutions Announces New 55-inch Professional UHD Displays

NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc., a leading provider of commercial LCD displays and projectors, today announced the V554Q, a large-format 4K UHD display packed with commercial-grade features and a slim new design to blend into any environment. Like other new models in the C & V Series, the V554Q features an industry-best anti-reflective high haze coating, full external control and network capabilities through LAN, and SpectraView Engine Technology, which allows for complete color control.

"We've listened to our customers in designing the V554Q to be the best 55-inch display tailored for commercial and corporate signage needs," said Ben Hardy, Senior Product Manager at NEC Display Solutions. "The V554Q has best-in-class, high-haze anti-glare coating, updated connectivity, and both landscape and portrait orientation support to seamlessly fit any digital signage environment."
With a 4K UHD display featuring an ample 500 cd/m2 of brightness, the V554Q is ideal for corporate signage, transportation, and retail-based applications that have high ambient light and the need for high resolution because of closer average viewing distances. Thanks to the V554Q's SpectraView Engine, NEC's proprietary color management and stabilization system that provides complete color control and uniformity correction, the display is also perfect for color-critical applications such as medical offices and broadcast.

"The V554Q features the most sought-after features in digital signage at an attractive price point combined with a sleek, modern design," Hardy said. "We've included commercial-grade features inside and out, such as full-metal chassis and integrated temperature sensors and cooling fans that lower the internal temperature without sacrificing screen quality."

The V554Q also includes an OPS and SOC Powered by Raspberry Pi option slot for modular expansion capabilities. This allows customers to seamlessly integrate modular components to create the solution that they need. In addition, the V554Q is compatible with NEC Display's NaViSet Administrator 2 software, which enables customers to control, monitor, and manage multiple displays and projector settings in an all-in-one support system. NaViSet features unified control, asset management, and reporting in an intuitive graphical user interface.

Additional key features include:
  • IPS panel technology with 3840 x 2160 native resolution
  • 24/7 runtimes
  • Advanced connectivity, including three HDMI 2.0 and two DisplayPort 1.2 connections, plus one DisplayPort out powers a 60 Hz signal for UHD performance via a single cable
  • Wake On Input-Signal with custom input detect functionality
  • IR and button lock functionality
  • Full scheduler functionality, including holiday mode
  • Full metal chassis and convenient carrying handles for easier installation
The V554Q can be ordered through sellers immediately.
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9 Comments on NEC Display Solutions Announces New 55-inch Professional UHD Displays

The Exiled Airman
Waiting for a Professional Freesync Line here that has high refresh/response time and color accuracy/clarity.

Still have a Multisync LCD 1700V here.
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Still waiting to see any product with HDMI 2.1.
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Seriously Pro... 55" 4K... Pro?

I don't know what Pros need a 55" screen with paltry 4K resolution. It is no secret that Apple's current 27" 5K displays are class above everybody (not to mention perfect MacOS scaling) and I say that as PC Master race. Rumors already gaining pace of incoming 32" 6K monitor (oh I so drool for this one). Of course there is also gorgeous MS Surface Studio with 3:2 aspect ratio.

Pros want a lot of space depending on a job. More than standard, mainstream resolutions offer. Creating low res LCD in huge 55" framework is nonsense IMHO. There is nothing special (except that Pi slot) about this display. Just marketing newspeak.
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ypsylonwhat Pros need a 55" screen with paltry 4K resolution
They said in the first post:
"corporate signage, transportation, and retail-based applications "
McDonald display. Airport display. Are those not "pro" enough for you?
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SoNic67Are those not "pro" enough for you?
No, not for me they aren't.
Professional infers something different to me, perhaps they should have chosen a more apt name, such as corporate or electronic billboard screens ….
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"Professional" by dictionary definition means any activity that leads to monetary gain. Words don't have only the meaning that we like to have.
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SoNic67"Professional" by dictionary definition means any activity that leads to monetary gain. Words don't have only the meaning that we like to have.
And words don't always continue to retain the same meaning.
Times change, languages change, meanings change.
Of course by your definition these screens are "pro" as they are seen on street corners earning money ;)
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The fact that you don't use that word in that context, doesn't meant that millions of people should also follow you. Languages change only when everyone else decides to change.
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4k is a paltry resolution now? I've had DvD rips look great on my 50" TV.
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