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Valve Confirms First-Party VR Headset Titled Valve Index, Launches May 2019

PAX East 2019 brought with it some exciting news, and the world of virtual reality no doubt sees this news as the biggest in quite some time. Valve has finally made good on their promises from yesteryear, bringing in personnel to work on both the hardware and software side of the VR market. We first saw a hint of this via a prototype VR HMD late last year, with leaked specs confirming it was Valve's own design going beyond the established competition at the time from HTC Vive and Oculus. Since then, the Vive Pro has come out with an even higher-end version using eye-tracking to target prosumers initially, and also showcasing foveated rendering that will no doubt herald VR getting more mainstream and allowing for a higher graphical fidelity as well.

The so-called Valve Index has been listed on Steam now, with no other information to see than from the image below. We know it is coming in a couple of months, perhaps even during Computex although it is unlikely. It certainly looks similar to the prototype HMD, and presumably retains the 135° field-of-view and 2,880 x 1,600 total resolution. No mention of the Steam Knuckles controller here, but that is no surprise for a teaser. What we can tell is the headset has a physical slider, presumably to assist with pupillary distance calibration, as well as fairly large lenses that extend outwards which may assist with IR-based tracking. There is no mention of HTC anywhere here, and it would be right up Valve's alley to introduce this at a relatively affordable price point to then make up on software and distribution (savings via Steam) instead. Perhaps we will see the long-rumored Half Life VR as a launch title? Time will tell, and this may well be the big boost to gaming VR that is sorely needed.
Source: Valve Index Steam Page
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meh it will probably will still be too blurry for my tastes.
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Give a copy of half life VR too and I’ll buy.
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Res+Inside Out Tracking+Wireless (with the ability to enhance precision with light towers and use wired of course, in a price that doesn't cost the same as a mid range PC).

Those three things beat most of the adoption issues with VR IMO, so if Valve can do that with combined with its rather cool looking VR controllers, than we might have a contender.
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RavenasGive a copy of half life VR too and I’ll buy.
You mean HL3? ;)
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kastriotYou mean HL3? ;)
WhAt? ....ThReE ?
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The so-called Valve Index has been listed on Steam now
No, it's not! :-(
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After the Controller and the Box, anything labelled "Steam" should be approached with caution. It may happen, it may not, and only Lord Gaben knows.
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deemonNo, it's not! :-(
Yes, it is on their site, look here.

What's been said it may have
  • 134-140 fov
  • Special headphones that have haptic feed back to make you feel things like whispers.
  • IPD adjustment
  • Knuckle controllers
  • SteamVR tracking photodiodes for lighthouse 2.0
  • Some type of modular attachment for the front of the HMD
  • 2x front facing cameras
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kastriotYou mean HL3? ;)
Half Life 3 should also come with a copy of Tool's new album.
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May 18th, 2022 03:50 EDT change timezone

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