Tuesday, April 16th 2019

Kaspersky: Most Cyber Attacks Directed at Microsoft Office in Q4 2018

Having the world's most pervasive operating system (or office suite) is sure to leave a big mark on any company when it comes to exploitation attempts from hackers. It's a simple equation: aim your efforts at a software that runs in millions (if not billions) of machines and even a light chink in the armor could be enough to cause a cascading effect through that many users.

This principle applies to almost everything: a small effect across a billion users usually provides greater returns than a large effect on one or two players. Kaspersky labs on its security report, presented at the Security Analyst Summit, reported that the favorite target for cyber attacks was Microsoft's Office suite - a 70% figure suggests an incredible attention given to Office, really. These Office-related cyber attacks don't directly relate to the suite itself; there are other, OS-integrated components that can be targeted, or simply that Office file extensions are used as clever, headache-inducing ways of disguising malware as the second greatest evil in the world - spreadsheets.
Sources: Kaspersky, via ZDNet
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4 Comments on Kaspersky: Most Cyber Attacks Directed at Microsoft Office in Q4 2018

The Terrible PuddleI receive suspicious emails with word documents daily...
Means your e-mail server lacks protection and/or there's noone blacklisting spam. The RBLs are only a part of what you can do to protect an e-mail server.
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This is news?
I thought it was common knowledge.
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May 18th, 2022 02:25 EDT change timezone

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