Tuesday, June 4th 2019

In Win Debuts $4000 3D Printed Case Among Others at Computex 2019

When looking for unique, trendsetting, or just plain odd, In Win has you covered when it comes to cases. Every year they bring something interesting and at Computex 2019 that trend continues with the 9th-generation Signature Series, otherwise dubbed Yǒng, cases. This latest design is 3D printed with each one being built to order. In Win is using ABS plastic for this design, and users can pick any color they wish with the company preparing a website that will allow users to customize the case to their liking. Just be prepared for sticker shock as these cases are expected to cost $4000 each. If that doesn't take your breath away one way or another, I don't know what will.
For those wanting a lighter chassis that's no less eye-catching while at the same time unique will likely find Project Alice to be more to their taste. Built from ABS plastic, this lightweight design comes wrapped in fabric which allows for a great deal of customization while at the same time allowing for great ventilation. It has a much more affordable price tag with this particular case costing as little as $40.
For those that enjoy the light and being able to express themselves with it might find the In Win 309 an interesting take on a traditional chassis. This offering features a tempered glass case with 144 addressable RGB lights in the front panel. The lighting is controlled via software and can react to music or sound via an integrated microphone. It also packs three EGO RGB fans with space up to seven total. Connectivity consists of one USB 3.1 Type-C Gen2 port, two USB 3.0 ports, audio jacks, and lighting controls. The MSRP is expected to be around $200
Last but not least was the In Win 925 which is a smaller version of the much larger 928 seen at CES 2019. While a bit smaller, this case will support E-ATX motherboards and is a massive mix of aluminium and tempered glass. A few changes to the case itself have also resulted in a more affordable price. Using plastic on the corners rather than metal and leaving the diamond-cut edges to the 928, the In Win 925 will likely set you back close to $500 compared to the $900 of the 928.
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17 Comments on In Win Debuts $4000 3D Printed Case Among Others at Computex 2019

They're out of their minds completely.
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OK, just because Apple can pull it off, that doesn't mean anyone can do it, with any kind of product...
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Those are... really ugly.
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Innovation in technology is in a really bad shape lately. This... "art", a 6k grater with hardware inside not even costing 1k, a freaking monitor stand for 1k.
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Huh that one looks like a laundry basket. Seriously someone is going to toss there laundry in that thing.
I wonder if I can cut some holes into a laundry basket and sell it as a PC case.
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In Win rulez!

(Not sure what the Price tag for the 3D printed one is based on.)
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Editor & Senior Moderator
That looks like a $10 garden decoration from Ikea.
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Digital Dreams
I'm gonna cut In Win some slack here. While certainly not to my taste and way too expensive In Win over the past 5-6 years have at least pumped out some neat designs unlike the tons of others pumping out rectangles and trying to be the next Lian Li.
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I'm the only one
They need to quit the funny tobacco
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$4k for a 3D printed plastic case... this is why the desktop market is shrinking...
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Vya Domus
You have good shot at buying your own printer and making one of these yourself for less cash. That's how insane this is.
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it looks like a roll bar protection for when it gos off road :) surely there havin a laugh eh.
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Vya Domus
You have good shot at buying your own printer and making one of these yourself for less cash. That's how insane this is.
This. Even if you go full commando with low-tier 3D printer+ paid slicer! ($120 bucks for Simplify 3D) + the filament + DesignSparkMechanical (for example) and puzzle print this crap you will still be well below the price tag and the added benefit of having fun. On the hand as others noted...it doesn't actually look pretty...
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Chloe Price
It's not stupid to ask, but it's stupid to pay.
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I wouldn't put my PC in that ugly mess even if they gave me $4000.
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I'd rather spent my money on a case that looks like a trash can.

Oh wait.

The other thing is that if you're going to sell cases for $4000 you should have a bit jazzier company name than "In Win".
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Looks at the calendar... This looks like April fools!.. but it's June! lol :nutkick:
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