Wednesday, February 21st 2007

Intel speaks of 1600MHz FSB Xeons

In a presentation Intel reveals a 3GHz 1600MHz FSB quad core Xeon. New features aren't mentioned. If Intel doesn't stay ahead of AMD with this chip they have yet another weapon nearing completion, the 45nm Xeon parts which should offer even higher clock speeds and more cache are over 3 months ahead of schedule. Intel will also launch Tigerton for quad socket configurations in Q3 this year, with Tigerton Intel should reclaim the crown on the multi socket market as well. If this will actually be enough to beat Barcelona (K10, former K8L) is yet to be seen, it looks promising though.

For the full presentation follow the source.Source: Intel
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7 Comments on Intel speaks of 1600MHz FSB Xeons

3 months ahead of schedual?! I guess that means penryn cant be too far off either. I cant wait till i can see how all these new chips stack up against each other once they actually get here. Things are a bit too one sided for my liking now.
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evil bill
magibeg said:
Things are a bit too one sided for my liking now.
Ah, come on - Conroe hasn't even been out a year yet, AMD were top of the tree for ages before Intel came back at them. This will just make them both work harder to gain/keep the "best in class" accolades.

Which can only be good for us :)
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Well if you want to look at it in terms of who was on top for ages, intel had the crown from 1968 (amd came along in 1969) to around 2000 or so.... then amd took the crown during netburst and now intel has it back. I just think intel is getting alittle too comfortable and amd needs to pour on some extra pressure.
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Bird of Prey
I believe AMD will poor it on. AMD, in that 3 year span, made up for alot of lost time and profited quite well. now, they have graphics in their division with a proven leader in the market (ATI). Dont worry about AMD, its great to have competition. Intel still hasnt learned its lesson from AMD, they should get rid of FSB, its only limiting them from their true potential.
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Graphical Hacker
Ooo. AMD pains. I did not see the FSB at first.
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Señor Moderator
Tigerton has a dedicated link between each socket which should partly fix bandwidth problems. Besides CSI should arrive in 2008, which should replace the FSB.
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Completely Bonkers
Now I am wanting a server mainboard (2 CPU sockets) to run these babies. PCIx16 needed though ;-)
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