Tuesday, October 8th 2019

Arctic Releases the Liquid Freezer II Series AIO CPU Coolers

ARCTIC, a leading manufacturer of low-noise PC coolers and components, today launches its new Liquid Freezer II series of AIO water coolers. Designed for high performance, the second generation Liquid Freezer includes four product versions: Liquid Freezer II 120, Liquid Freezer II 240, Liquid Freezer II 360, and Liquid Freezer II 280.

For the Liquid Freezer II series, ARCTIC has incorporated an in-house developed, energy-efficient PWM-controlled pump with a copper bottom plate that operates with extreme efficiency and quiet. At low loads, the pump reduces rotational speed, thereby lowering power consumption. The 40 mm fan on the pump provides consistent cooling for the motherboard voltage converter, while the sealed water circuit is maintenance-free.
Thanks to its flat design and compact pump, the Liquid Freezer II fits into many cases and offers optimal RAM compatibility, even for modules with larger heatsinks. Each Liquid Freezer II model is compatible with all common AMD and Intel sockets.

All versions of the Liquid Freezer II use tried and tested, pressure-optimized ARCTIC P fans, which are characterized by their exceptional durability. The PWM-controlled fans ensure an optimal cooling performance-to-noise ratio is achieved at all times.

What's more, the new Liquid Freezer II coolers have been perfectly tailored to suit the needs of gamers and other demanding users. Compared to the predecessor series, they achieve even greater cooling performance and guarantee consistent and quiet cooling even when overclocking, making the Liquid Freezer II indispensable for gaming, rendering, video editing and other CPU-intensive tasks.
The Liquid Freezer II 120, 240 & 280 are available now on the market and on Amazon (Liquid Freezer II 120, Liquid Freezer II 240, Liquid Freezer II 280), starting at a price of £49,99 MSRP. The Liquid Freezer II 360 is expected to be available end of October.
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Mayclore, post: 4129664, member: 173731"
The presence of all three AIOs on Arctic's US Amazon store would indicate otherwise.
I think the issue with Asetek is if they are manufactured or designed outside of Europe as the Alphacool Eisbaer is a unit unlike any Asetek based AIO. Funnily enough my 2 favourite coolers are the Alphacool 420 Eisbaer and the Cooler Master Nepton 280 which are both non Asetek designs.

Chrispy_, post: 4130003, member: 185623"
Huh, interesting.
Competition is good for progress and improvements, and that patent is a disaster - but thankfully the global market is a truckload bigger than just the US.
I should spend more time looking at the Asian/Euro AIOs!
It has really gimped the AIO market. Deepcool's newest AIOs look really interesting with that bladder unit to exhaust air though.
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F**k Asetek... great example of a company sitting on one design and just patent trolling everyone else.

But the reason for the new pump designs making it N/A side is because the pump, block combination patent expired last a year or two ago.

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