Wednesday, April 29th 2020

ASUS ROG Strix Z490 Motherboard Lineup Pictuired

ASUS is preparing an elaborate lineup of ROG Strix series gaming motherboards based on the Intel Z490 chipset, which we detailed in an older report. These include nearly all ROG brand extensions, with the Strix Z490-E(xtreme), Strix Z490-F(ormula), Strix Z490-H(ero), Strix Z490-G(ene), Strix Z490-I(mpact), and with this series, debuting is the Strix Z490-A(ce). The Strix Z490-A is positioned just a notch below the Strix Z490-E in the pecking order, and is the fabled "white Strix" that did the rounds earlier in the media. It features silvery aluminium heatsins, and a white rear I/O shroud. You still get three M.2 NVMe slots, but only two of them have heatsinks.

The Strix Z490-E still rules the roost, with its stronger CPU VRM solution that uses active cooling. The Strix Z490-F isn't far behind in terms of features, but you lose out on things like WLAN. The Strix Z490-H is targeted at value-conscious buyers, and next to the Strix Z490-G, is possibly the cheapest product in the lineup. It still covers essentials such as a gaming-grade SupremeFX audio solution, and Intel-powered 2.5 GbE networking. The Strix Z490-G is possibly ASUS's most premium Micro-ATX board based on the chipset. The Strix Z490-I is possibly the company's second most premium Mini-ITX board based on this platform, featuring elaborate active cooling for the VRM, top-notch connectivity, and an 8-layer PCB. Find specifications of the boards in the table below.
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Source: VideoCardz
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I like the micro-atx one. Hopefully, that form factor gets more love from both AMD and Intel this genaration.
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Let's see the Maximus line if they want to release them...
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