Sunday, May 17th 2020

MSI Announces New PRO 24X 10M & PRO 16T 10M All-In-One PCs

Without question, MSI is not only the market leader in the gaming hardware industry but also the innovative pioneer of technology. MSI always showcases cutting edge technology that surprises the world. As the world tends to be unpredictable, MSI keeps on developing products with stylish, stable, and the best performance for all kinds of users. The MSI PRO series All-in-One PCs are made for both commercial and professional use. It is built to deliver powerful performance, crafted with reliable materials, and optimized for countless applications. PRO series All-in-One PCs bring the Powerful, Reliable, and Optimized benefit for every important moment.
PRO 24X 10M All-In-One PC: Limited Frame, Unlimited Framework

MSI, the global leader within the professional industry, is introducing the brand new 23.8" All-in-One PC, PRO 24X 10M today. It is indispensable to have a stable data & information platform for your growing E-commerce/ M-commerce. PRO 24X 10M features the 10th Generation Intel Core Processors which utilize a power-efficient microarchitecture, advanced process technology, and silicon optimizations to deliver performance faster than that of processors of the previous generation.

The PRO 24X is equipped with an incredibly ultra-slim design measuring only 6.5 mm thick and 2.2 mm super-slim bezel. It is as slender as a ballpoint pen and its simple metallic stand elegantly complements the ultra-slim display while its brushed metal pattern on the rear cover provides a stylish and contemporary design. It also comes with an IPS grade panel that instantly optimizes the screen colors and brightness to ensure that users can enjoy every scene at its best.

With the MSI Easy Maintenance Design, maintaining or upgrading the 2.5" storage on the PRO 24X will not be a nightmare anymore. Thanks to the Dual LAN Design, the PRO 24X will always be the users' backup and support on the Internet/Intranet dual network environments. Furthermore, if users would like to enjoy a blazing fast system boot up and insanely quick loading of applications and data, this stylish model also supports one NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD. The PRO 24X, Limited Frame, Unlimited Framework.
PRO 16T 10M All-In-One PC: Your Best Commercial Partner

Over the past years, MSI has successfully supported countless commercial projects for restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, and professional offices. Today, MSI introduces a new 15.6" All-in-One PC, the PRO 16T 10M. It is equipped with multiple COM ports and USB ports which allow users to fully connect with POS devices such as barcode scanners, receipt printers, and many more. Furthermore, PRO 16T comes with a parallel port (printer port) to connect a printer or scanner which makes restoring and sharing memorable photos easier than ever.

Time is very important for all businesses. With the 10th Generation Intel processors and NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD, users will not only enjoy a blazing fast system boot up but also experience insanely quick loading of applications and data. With the cutting edge technology of the innovative fan-less heat dissipation design, PRO 16T 10M is silent, anti-dust, and energy-efficient. A fan-less design also reduces downtime and increases the life-cycle for users.

Considering the data saving requirement is getting bigger, the HDD capacity is also getting more important than ever. With MSI's exclusive HDD Caddy, users can install a second 2.5" HDD to enhance the data management for businesses.

With the Dual LAN Design, the PRO 16T 10M will always be your backup while uploading or downloading important business data. The PRO 16T 10M, Your Best Commercial Partner. Beyond Professional with MSI PRO series All-in-One PCs which are Powerful, Reliable, and Optimized.
Source: MSI
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4 Comments on MSI Announces New PRO 24X 10M & PRO 16T 10M All-In-One PCs

10th Gen Processors, but what version?
Posted on Reply
Caring110th Gen Processors, but what version?
Probably U-class CPUs, considering the small chassis they will be put on
Posted on Reply
so basically the 24 Pro is either:

A) an iMac Pro copy cat with a few extra features, or

B) a stand-up lappy with a bigger screen...:roll:..:eek:..:fear:

And that stand looks V>E>R>Y flimsy/flakey too !
Posted on Reply
The Pro16T looks like a POS and I mean that whatever way you read it.
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