Sunday, June 14th 2020

AMD B550 Chipset Motherboards Listed, Available from June 16

Socket AM4 motherboards based on AMD B550 chipset are listed on popular e-tailers such as Newegg. The boards will be available to order from tomorrow (June 16). Some of these models are open for pre-order on Newegg. Despite AMD's best efforts to have its manufacturers list a token few models under the $100-mark, the boards on Newegg only start at $115 for what were supposed to be $99 models, going all the way up to $300 for some of the flagship models. In essence, B550 succeeds both the B450 and X470 in pricing spread of motherboards. Highly anticipated models, such as the MSI MAG Tomahawk are priced at $180, and the ASUS Strix-F at $190. Top tier boards like the ASUS Strix-E and Aorus Master are listed for $280, while the ASRock Taichi scorches your wallet at $300.
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9 Comments on AMD B550 Chipset Motherboards Listed, Available from June 16

Happy I got a X570 Taichi for what seems to be the B550's cost...
Only sad thing is the onboard audio which sucks...
And the fan noise which is the loudest in my rig...
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Taichi is $300, it is $20 higher than Aorus Master with 3xPCIe 4.0 slots. And Taichi 570X is in my country for ~$345. I hope they will tweak prices a little.
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What weirdness. The ASRock Mini ITX one has a gray box-thing near the top which I thought was just silkscreening, but if you look on the back side there's clearly something there.
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When do we get reviews? =)
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Where are the $100 models that AMD promised?
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Where are the $100 models that AMD promised?
Yeah, this new platform is quite pricey and the X570 are not worth it (at for me with that awful fan), fortunately B450 is compatible with Zen3, after that probably we'll be forced to move to something like AM5 for DDR5.
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I thought asus rog e would be around for 180 at max! No way , I would pay 300 for a b550 motherboard. Shame.
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Vincy Boy
Some of these prices are absurd. I can't understand how the ASRock B550 Taichi costs $300 which is the same as their X570 Taichi. I have a new 3900X I hoped to run on a used ROG X370 Crosshair VI Extreme but that board is dead with the dreaded q code 8. It really sucks if you want to build Ryzen at the moment.
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Bought a X470 board for my 3700x. so glad i didn't wait for these boards to come out, terrible value. And X570 was a non runner with the fans.
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