Monday, August 10th 2020

Custom-design NVIDIA Ampere Cards to Launch Alongside Founders Edition Cards

In signs of NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce Ampere graphics cards getting a brisk market launch across several SKUs, a Tweaktown report predicts that custom-design graphics cards based on the chips will launch alongside Founders Edition (de facto reference-design) cards. NVIDIA's add-in card partners are believed to be ready with their next-generation original designs that will debut with the new chips, with renders of the ASUS ROG Strix 3000-series cards having leaked in early June. Tweaktown predicts series reveal by September 9, followed by SKU announcements on September 17. AIC partners tell them that custom-design products can be expected within the month. The first major teaser could come out by August 31.

NVIDIA on Monday tweeted its very first web teaser of the new series, under the hashtag #UltimateCountdown. We predict DirectX 12 Ultimate to be central to NVIDIA's marketing, especially a play on the word "ultimate," (eg: the "ultimate ray-tracing performance"). It wouldn't surprise us if "Ultimate" is somehow integrated into the product branding itself (à la "RTX").
Sources: Tweaktown, VideoCardz
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9 Comments on Custom-design NVIDIA Ampere Cards to Launch Alongside Founders Edition Cards

Hossein Almet
Here is hoping that they're not going to greet us with a smile, because I'm not willing to sell the kidney for one of them.
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"Custom-design NVIDIA Ampere Cards to Launch at Founders Edition prices" - fixed it for you.
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They better be. None of this AMD nonsense of months only the reference designs being available and in some cases no customs designs ever (Radeon VII).
Personally i really don't care about the custom cooling designs as im sure my Morpheus aftermarket cooler will blow them out of the water anyway. Im more intrested in the board designs.

Tho in the past 4-5 years there has been little point in custom board designs since the reference is so good out of the box. Unless it's super binned like EVGA's KINGPIN cards. But even those only net 100-150Mhz extra on air and are meant for LN2 anyway.
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I did not like MSI's cooling designs on the turing designs. Hopefully, they go back to winning formula whuch was in pascal cooling designs for ampere.
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In other news, water is wet.
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Its and every year a new "ultimate" product will shown.

After 24 years of me be involved with computing, lesson learned, I will never touch another "ultimate" .
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With so many ultimates, imagine how ultimate will the pricing be, chuckle.
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