Wednesday, September 23rd 2020

TeamGroup Launches T-CREATE Classic 10L DDR4 Memory Modules Aimed at Creators

TeamGroup recently announced another addition to their DDR4 memory lineup especially aimed at creators. The new, aptly named T-Create lineup features clean, back-to-basics aesthetics with slim metal heatspreaders that aren't too gaudy and are absent of any RGB. The new chips are available in capacities ranging from 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) through to 64 GB (2x 32 GB). Available speeds are set at DDR4-3200 (22-22-22-52 timings and 1.20 V) and DDR4-2666 (19-19-19-43 timings and 1.20 V).

The TeamGroup T-Create Classic 10L feature a 10-layer PCB and limited lifetime warranty, and are available in silvery-white. Pricing starts at $56.99 for the 2x 8 GB 2666 MHz kit and goes up to $216.99 for the 2x 32 GB 3200 MHz one.
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@Raevenlord 64 GB with these would be 2x 32 GB, not 2x 21. :D
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TIL "creators" deserve low quality trash bins.
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PC brands seemingly have this unrestrainable obsession with assigning specific color schemes to certain markets/demographics... Like how for a while, and there are still some remnants sadly, anything associated with "gamer/gaming" just had to be red and black to the point where it became a played out, cliche trope (and ugly IMO)... Now you see it with "creators" and white (and white/silver), whether it's Msi, Asus Prime motherboards, etc.... I guess they feel as though Apple has dictated this association perhaps... I don't know, but I'm glad the whole red and black think is in its last death throws... Remember the Asus X99 Rampage V? Uglier than a SUPERMICRO server board... Makes me cringe just thinking about it
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"clean, back-to-basics aesthetics"
Covered in writing telling you just that.
It's like going to buy a plain white T-shirt and coming home with a white T-shirt with "Plain white T-shirt" written on it.
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"Creator" is the next "gaming", isn't it.

Creator RAM! Creator PC cases! Creator chairs!
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regardless of all "creators" marketing hate here, I love this design, so simple and clean amid the RGB madness.
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On account of low bin trash... I had to do a double read on this bit
DDR4-3200 (22-22-22-52 timings and 1.20 V) and DDR4-2666 (19-19-19-43 timings and 1.20 V)
That's laptop levels bad.
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DDR4-3200 (22-22-22-52 timings) and DDR4-2666 (19-19-19-43 timings)

Complete garbage...
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It is obviuos that these are failed chips that could not run at Jedec spec.
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I'm not sure that "creators" really care about memory with heatsinks to start with. Most creators I know do most of their creating on workstation boxes and couldn't care less if it was all housed in a paper bag as long as it worked.

Unfortunately, as others have mentioned, those are possibly the crappiest memory modules you could possibly slap heatsinks on anyhow. What a waste of article space.
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