Tuesday, October 6th 2020

ADATA XPG Launches GAMMIX D20 DDR4 Memory Module

ADATA XPG, a provider of systems, components, and peripherals for Gamers, Esports Pros, and Tech Enthusiasts, today announces the XPG GAMMIX D20 DDR4 memory module. Sporting a dark and edgy design and operating frequencies of up to 4133 MHz, the GAMMIX D20 will help users up to their game in style.

The GAMMIX D20 sports an intimidating yet understated black or grey heatsink that discerning gamers and PC enthusiasts will find agreeable. Its sleek anodized metal surface and x-shaped design evoke an armor-like quality that screams power and stealth. Users looking for an alternative to flashier RGB modules will appreciate the GAMMIX D20. Not only does it have the look of a serious gaming DDR4, but it also has the performance of one, operating at frequencies of up to 4133 MHz. Users can also choose models that operate at 3200 MHz and 3600 MHz.
To ensure a high level of compatibility across platforms, the GAMMIX D20 has undergone comprehensive verification testing with a wide array of motherboards from different brands and tested to work with the latest AMD and Intel platforms. The GAMMIX D20 has full Intel XMP 2.0 compatibility to make overclocking effortless when installed on PCs that also support XMP 2.0 for hassle-free overclocking without going into BIOS.
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4 Comments on ADATA XPG Launches GAMMIX D20 DDR4 Memory Module


Yes, that is exactly the quality I am looking for in my RAM modules. In fact, I want them to scare the **** out of me. Beyond that, they might be DDR-333 or SDRAM for all I care.
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Gammix, bammix, dammix....

Anutha day, anuth set of sticks... boo hoo

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Sabishii Hito
I guess these will appeal to the rabid anti-RGB crowd.
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