Wednesday, March 14th 2007

PSP to get smaller

Ray Maguire, the managing director of Sony Computer Entertainment UK, confirmed that the current PlayStation Portable will appear in a smaller and lighter version. The overall design will stay the same was told and the price could be lower very likely.
The release date is unknown, a smaller PSP will surely fit nicely in everyone's bags but I hope the display won't get smaller as well.

Update: has more details of the story, they say Sony will not change the size of the screen.Source:
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I sure hope this isnt true..
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Well, the DS Lite sold like mad. I wonder whether the same will apply to the PSP mini when we see the design.
Makes no sense to argue just yet since we haven't seen the new design. So I'll just wait ;)

But what I hope is, that battery life increases :D
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effectively all sony is saying is "we are continuing our cost cutting strategy by shrinking the overall size of the PSP's LCD screen", this certainly isn't about hardware improvements.
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i don't see where they say that at all

it is too much of a stretch to believe that they have managed to make the hardware inside smaller?

either way i hope it isn't true, my psp is already borderline too small for my hands
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Bird of Prey
The DS Lite is like 70 bucks cheaper than the PSP, IF Im not mistaken. Id love a psp just to interact with my PS3. They dont really have any good games for it IMO
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evil bill
On the one hand I would welcome this because I do find the PSP a bit awkward after a half hour or so. It could certainly do with being lighter and thinner, but I would oppose any shrinking of the screen or overall front profile as I think these are spot on.

On the other hand, no matter what they do with it, I already have one and I'm not going to buy another just cause its smaller unless they add some supercool must have feature. Lasers perhaps.

Actually, built in FM Radio and a camera would be good
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Zero Cool
the PSP fits into hands exactly atm, maybe this could be for little kids with small hands :D
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