Tuesday, November 3rd 2020

Crysis Next Teased, a Free-to-Play Battle Royale FPS

Few would have predicted the Crysis franchise, the epitome of blockbuster AAA genres, to take the e-sports turn, but we live in unpredictable times. Crysis Next (working title), teased late Tuesday in a Crytek job posting, is an upcoming e-sports title in the battle royale FPS format. The game features large maps where "hundreds" of players battle in "fast-paced combat." Besides visual customization (massive character mods), you get to customize your Nanosuit through perks and powerups. Not to stray too far away from the franchise's AAA roots, its creators claim that Crysis Next will be "visually spectacular," and feature "high production value."

As for when Crytek plans to release this—don't hold your breath. Given that it's surfaced in a job posting, the game must still be in development. We know "Crysis Next" to be a working title, given that the listing also mentions "Ryse Next," which could be the next chapter to the critically-acclaimed Ryse: Son of Rome. Also listed are Crysis VR, Hunt Mobile, and Robinson 2.
Sources: Gaming Leaks & Rumors (Twitter), Tweaktown
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Another victim of 2020.
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Finally Crytek listen. I love playing their Hunt:Showdown .... and I was hoping Crytek will make the Crysis version of it (Crysis online PvP). And now it would be come true! Yeehawwwwwww! :clap:
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They needed to release this like 2 years ago, this will be a massive yawnfest that nobody is going to play
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Crytek is dead. This rotten corpse should be put to rest asap. Crysis 3 is their last fantastic game.
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seems some people are still salty over a f2p BR game, eh? That said, I expect it to use either an entirely new game engine (that supports ray tracing) or a current engine like they used for Crysis 3.
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Meh, another e-sport thing.:shadedshu:

At least theres hope for a Ryse game, Son of Rome was pretty good/fun imo.
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Slightly related.. when I was checking out options for my new apples-to-apples GPU heatsink comparison test I tried to make something in CryEngine, much more complicated, and way slower to get results than UnrealEngine, which is just like 10 clicks to download the SDK and build a ready-to-ship game.
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This is dead in the water... I wonder how long until Crytek gets the memo
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So they're making Warface Next :roll:
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Vayra86This is dead in the water... I wonder how long until Crytek gets the memo
Do you think it's hard to convert a game like Crysis into a BR? If it's dead in the water, they pretty much lose nothing. But I agree that it's very likely to be dead in the water. It may be worth it if it gains even a small community
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Bleh, not the kind of comeback I wanted, seriously, as big Crysis fan from the original, this is just not what I'm looking for.

As usual, brand names get abused for recognition and PR to give an unjust an artificial head start to whatever new thing the company wants wants to do without any respect to the legacy of the IP, if there was any respect for Crysis IP, they wouldn't associate it.

Just make a new fucking IP.
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