Wednesday, November 11th 2020

XPG Launches STARKER Compact ATX Mid-Tower Chassis

XPG, today announces XPG STARKER, a compact mid-tower chassis featuring an innovative dust filter, vertical VGA installation and a stylish industrial design with ARGB accents. The XPG STARKER will turn heads with its bold gaming style and stunning ARGB flair. It features a functional and sleek front panel design with two front-facing ARGB light strips and comes in either black or white to match different personalities in a compact form factor that makes the most of the ATX format.
For easy maintenance, the XPG STARKER features an innovative on-rail dust filter design that is incredibly easy to remove, encouraging more frequent cleaning to prevent unsightly and potentially harmful dust accumulation. What's more, a replaceable VGA bracket makes it easy to show off graphics cards with lighting effects vertically or horizontally, despite the chassis' shrunk dimensions. The chassis facilitates excellent airflow with support for up to six fans. It also supports multiple radiators, including a 360 mm radiator at the front of the chassis, a 280 mm radiator on top, and a 120 mm radiator at the rear.
Closing the lineup of capabilities, you can store up to two 3.5" HDDs and two 2.5" HDDs or SSDs, plus a Combo Drive for 2.5" & 3.5" form factors. A complete set of I/O ports are also offered for easy connectivity with USB accessories, audio devices, and hassle-free switching between pre-programmed lighting effects.
Source: XPG
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8 Comments on XPG Launches STARKER Compact ATX Mid-Tower Chassis

I am eagerly waiting for bonehead's yawn
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"(...)an innovative on-rail dust filter design that is incredibly easy to remove" - it totally wasn't used in hundreds of cases under the PSU.

"A complete set of I/O ports..." - You mean those 2xUSB 3? I guess there's no board that has more than just one front panel header, so why would we need more...

The case itself looks fine, but the lack of more USB ports (including USB C) ruins it all...
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"stylish industrial design" & "bold gaming style" :rolleyes:
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I guess having the filter accessible without removing the front panel is relatively unique and overall a nice feature, but it's still rather pointless given that pretty much no air (and hence, dust) is going to get past that solid front panel anyhow.
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I am eagerly waiting for bonehead's yawn
Well, just so I don't disappoint you....



Yet anutha boring, no-design-effort-whatsoever rectangular boxen, AND also:

No C - No buy - No excuse... :shadedshu:

However, I DO like the logo on the front, hehehehe :D
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I must be old, the name Starker reminds me of old Get Smart episodes.
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The compact ATX is fun IMO. I've had one or two of those. Thing is most of them are hot box when used for gaming and XPG-line availability is usually limited from my experience. But we will see, I like the option though.
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