Sunday, February 14th 2021

Western Digital Releases SanDisk Apex Legends Memory Card for Nintendo Switch

Western Digital has teamed up with Respawn Entertainment to create an Apex Legends -themed memory card for the Nintendo Switch, offering gamers and contenders across the Outlands expanded storage solutions just in time for the universally acclaimed battle royale game to drop into the Nintendo eShop next month.

Featuring the distinctive Apex Legends insignia, players can squad up and battle for glory with the microSDXC card which offers up to 128 GB of expanded storage. Whether it's existing fans who want to ready themselves to jump into the action, or new players looking to compete in the Apex Games for the first time, this microSDXC card ensures any gamer is equipped with the additional space they need to take on more adventures or challenges on their Nintendo Switch system.
"With a massive and growing fan base, Apex Legends provides an immersive squad-based battle royale experience unlike any other," said Susan Park, Vice President, Client Solutions at Western Digital. "We're excited to help bring the quality and reliability of our microSDXC products to this passionate community, offering unique storage solutions to help them play at their best."

"As we continue to expand the Apex Legends universe, we're committed to ensuring that our fans experience top-notch quality and fun, no matter what platform they're using," said Arturo Castro, Vice President, Global Brand Management at Electronic Arts. "As leaders in the storage space, working with Western Digital was critical to ensuring our fans are prepared to download and take on whatever adventures may come next in the Outlands."

The Apex Legends 128 GB SanDisk microSDXC card for Nintendo Switch retails for $67.99 MSRP and is now available for purchase at select Western Digital retailers, e-tailers and on the Western Digital online store.
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7 Comments on Western Digital Releases SanDisk Apex Legends Memory Card for Nintendo Switch

Featuring the distinctive Apex Legends insignia
like you will ever see it inside your device
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I totally need this for my ... my... ehm....
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lemoncarbonatelike you will ever see it inside your device
Well, you've got that brief blast of coolness when you hold the really fancy art packaging for a moment, before you tear it apart (or perhaps, not tearing, but keeping it it). I mean I don't play Apex (cause Titanfall 2 rulz!!), but I can understand the general gist of agenda they are going for :)
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What a joke, wake me up when they have Godzilla vs Kong SATA and power cables. This is a sign of having way too many, or utterly useless people in the marketing department, fire them and reduce the cost of your products, hire more QC engineers and the product will market itself.
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May 16th, 2022 09:16 EDT change timezone

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