Tuesday, May 11th 2021

Memblaze Launches Enterprise-class PBlaze6 6920 Series PCIe4.0 NVMe SSD Based on MUFP

Memblaze today announced its first PCIe4.0 NVMe SSDs PBlaze6 6920 Series, which represent its 6th-generation enterprise SSD products. This Series is developed based on Memblaze's self-developed MUFP (Memblaze Unified Framework Platform), a unified framework platform for the development of all subsequent products of the firm.

The MUFP enables flexible decoupling among modules, improves the reusability and flexibility of firmware, and strengthens the cross-platform capability of firmware algorithm through software layering. The solutions based on Memblaze's MUFP are compatible with different controllers and NAND flash memory, thereby significantly improving the R&D efficiency of enterprise SSDs, shortening product development cycle and time to market, and meeting fast-changing market demands.
PBlaze6 6920 Series SSDs feature the PCIe4.0 and 96-layer 3D NAND and support the NVMe 1.4. The SSDs offer stable performance up to 1600K random read IOPS, up to 7 GB/s sequential read bandwidth, up to 6.8 GB/s sequential write bandwidth, and up to 11μs in write latency. Build-in Scheduler Mechanism realizes Quality of Service (QoS) control to guarantee the consistent performance.

Memblaze PBlaze6 6920 series spans a wide range of user capacity including 3.84 TB, 7.68 TB, 15.36 TB at 1.7DWPD over 5years and 3.2 TB, 6.4 TB, 112.8 TB at 3.6 DWPD over 5 years (under JESD219 workload). All models come in 2.5" U.2 form factor.

"I am glad to see that Memblaze, a local Chinese SSD provider, has rolled out the next-generation PCIe4.0 NVMe SSDs. The design based on MUFP is impressive and meets the needs of users for the compatibility of diversified SSD products across server platforms. I am looking forward to more in-depth cooperation with Memblaze in the future," said Lei Zhao, Vice President of Nettrix Information Industry (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

"Having been locked in on the enterprise SSD market for ten years, Memblaze has established a mature and innovative R&D system. The PBlaze6 Series SSD products feature an ultra-long endurance and a rich set of features, meeting corporate demand for low latency and high reliability for cloud storage. UCloud will continue to partner with Memblaze to build a secure, reliable and trustworthy cloud service platform for the users," according to Xinhua Ji, CEO of UCloud.

PBlaze6 6920 Series PCIe4.0 SSDs inherit diverse enterprise class features of the previous generation, including Firmware Upgrade without Reset, Multi-namespace, Variable Sector Size Management, NVMe-MI and Device Self-Test. Meanwhile, this series supports a range of all-new features to meet the diversified application.

Deeply optimized read/write performance
PBlaze6 6920 Series PCIe4.0 SSDs feature optimized R/W performance for complex application scenarios. Specifically, 900K IOPS in 7:3 R/W mix and write latency as low as 11μs are achieved for 4 KB data size; 860K random read IOPS, 300K random write IOPS, 600K IOPS in 7:3 R/W mix and write latency as low as 12μs are achieved for 8 KB data size.

Ultra-long write endurance
The adoption of NAND flash memory with the highest grade for enterprise TLC NAND, coupled with the 4K LDPC and multiple optimized algorithms, allows PBlaze6 6920 Series to achieve an ultra-long write endurance, which ensures long-term business stability, especially for the application scenarios of read/write intensive and mixed read-write workloads.

WRR provides differentiated I/O services
PBlaze6 6920 Series supports Weighted Round Robin (WRR), meaning that the SSD can process commands depending on the priority of I/O commands set and assigned by the host, including urgent, high, medium and low. For traditional round-robin, commands are processed in each queue in turn with equal priority, while WRR processes the applications I/O with different priorities and ensuring balanced business loads. WRR provides differentiated I/O services for the scenarios where applications with different performance requirements share storage devices.

Collect internal data logs with Telemetry
PBlaze6 6920 Series supports the collection of logs via the Telemetry standard interface. The users can collect the log required by the SSD provider with a standard nvmecli command before sending for further analysis. This function drastically reducing the complexity of log collection and lowering the operation and maintenance costs.

Sanitize help enhance the security
PBlaze6 6920 Series features Enhanced Secure Erase (Sanitize). If NVMe SSD is repurposed or is decommissioned after depreciation, the standard nvmecli command can be triggered to perform Sanitize to completely wipe out the users' data and prevent the recovery of old data with certain tools, protecting the information security of users.

PBlaze6 6920 Series are available for orders.

For more information, visit the product page.
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