Wednesday, May 26th 2021

USB-IF Updates USB-C Standard to Support up to 240 Watt Power Delivery

USB Implementers Forum, the organization behind the development of the USB standard and its iterations, has today announced the latest revision to the USB-C standard. In the latest 2.1 version of the USB-C specification, we are in for a surprise when it comes to power delivery. With the previous 2.0 standard, USB-C was rated to deliver a minimum of 3 Amps at 20 Volts or carry a high-power 5 A current that is capable of delivering 100 Watts at 20 Volts. However, in the latest specification, the USB-IF has decided to bump up the power delivery target to a whopping 240 Watts.

This means that with the 2.1 specifications, the USB-C standard will be able to output as much as 48 Volts with a 5-Amp current. While this is a somewhat big change, that doesn't mean that you have to throw away your old USB-C cables. In the mode called Extended Power Range (EPR), the USB-C 2.1 will still work with all of the existing plugs. The plug is physically the same, however, for EPR to work it has changed the connector configuration a bit where pins for power delivery and USB 2.0 support can no longer short to ground, to prevent arcing when the cable is unplugged. The EPR cables will carry an electronic mark with them, so all of the devices will ask them how much power they can carry before transferring it over those cables. The 240 Watt bump will enable us to see more mobile devices, like laptops, with the ability to charge over a USB-C cable.
Sources: USB-IF, via Tom's Hardware
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I don’t see this going well with cheap import cables.....
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I really wish they wouldn't, USB-C is fragile, prone to damage, and overall a piss poor solution, just look at the modern dell docks, we've got a stack of broken ones at work that have a bust USB C cable, we've also got some perfectly good laptops we can't deploy because the USB-C port is to loose after 2 years of repeated use. This trend to rely on USB-C needs to die, go back to barrel power plugs, and sturdier dock designs, because right now everyone that uses USB-C in this manner is pissing me off, they are pissing the company I work for off.
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Bork Bork
If people were scared of <20 W chargers going boom, then this is just gonna get "way better". Not to mention pumping over 200 W into a small circuit and/or battery with safety measures that barely covers the current 100 W limit.

If you have a 90 W charger then you know what I'm talking about.
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I like where this is going, for the future of laptops and mobile devices

demanding the cables be labelled is also a win to prevent the HDMI bullshit going on, with my box of mystery cables that i never know will work at 4K or not
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I wrote a post a long time ago wishing for this. I see this as a 1 cable data/power connector for printers, modems, maybe a monitor or projector, even a network switch. Definitely not for everyone, but road warriors, presenters, salesman might appreciate it.
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SteevoI don’t see this going well with cheap import cables.....
I get it, having seen wires burn up from overheating, I hope they get this right.
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