Thursday, September 30th 2021

ASUS GeForce RTX 3070 With Noctua Cooling Appears

Back in August, we have seen rumors of ASUS collaborating with Austrian cooling specialist Noctua to develop a custom set of graphics cards based on custom cooling solutions provided by Noctua. In the early EEC listings, the references stood for a GPU based on NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 3070 GPU with a custom cooling provided by Noctua. We thought that such a collaboration would open many doors for both companies. Today, the product is finally looking like a genuine offer, and we got the first set of pictures thanks to ASUS Vietnam.

The card, pictured below, has dual 8-pin power connectors to supply the chip and has three DisplayPort connectors accompanied by two HDMI outputs. The product is a three-slot body with Noctua's iconic brown theme, featuring two large fans to cool the heatsink. While we don't know any further information, the Vietnamese pricing is supposed to stand at 26 million VND, translating to around 1137.62 US Dollars at the writing date.
Source: ASUS Vietnam FaceBook Group
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96 Comments on ASUS GeForce RTX 3070 With Noctua Cooling Appears

Looks awful. But I don't need to look at it, as long as it works it's fine, if it's available obviously.
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Clearly they've copied my 2080 :roll:

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lasThe first "leak" image were much better. This looks horrible in comparison..
ah yes, I too buy high-end graphics cards to look at them
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That's one ugly card.
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aktpuWhy would I take my side panel off every day? *ducks*
If you have a solid side panel (no window), and really don't care about what's inside, fair enough.
aktpuAnyways, brown & tan tells people that you got the best
Only because it's Noctua's colour. It also tells people that you have zero sense of aesthetics, or just really don't care.
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Yes that is not a looker...... but if the fans are changable then it is nice I broke one fan on my 1080TI and that was not so easy to replace and the non i got was a little of center sooooooooooo......

BTW: those Ghetto Mod ones looks much better... :)
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When Noctuas were out you have to realize that cases at the time was beige in colour and as well there were hardly any windowed cases. In the end what colour was the fan made no difference as long as it performed and it has.
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Finally a manufacturer decided to use standard 25mm fans... Using slim 90/100mm toy fans with trash airflow to cool 350+W 1000+$ gpus is kinda weird design choice.
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You'd hope for this amount of money they would at least dress up the center of the fan better than this but a rumor is a rumor lol

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These fans may be quiet, but they are so damn ugly :(
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it's so ugly and i don't care, I want one please, must be so cool and quiet
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I couldn't care less what a GPU looks like. I hate windowed side panels and I have no need to stare at my computer case while I'm gaming.

A nice, enclosed case with no windows and no RGB. My GPU could be painted fuchsia for all anyone knows...and yet, it wouldn't impact the performance it gives nor the integrity of the appearance of my computer case. All I can say is I certainly wouldn't want a GPU or fans or anything else that has RGB that couldn't be turned off. If something has RGB it's not a game breaker for me as long as I can turn it off.
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ZoneDymothe obsession that people have with colours is bewildering to me tbh,

on topic, looks like it would preform extremely well but man is it a chunky boi
I would also expect a solid performance from that cooler but yea I also find it ugly as hell. 'just like most Noctua products with the original color'

Some ppl care about how their PC/Hardware look and some don't but thats okay imo.
For me its fairly high on the importance list when buying stuff, I do like glass side panel cases and I also keep my PC on my desk, its a part of my room's look and dare to say the center of it.:)

RGB is welcomed but not overly used, I like to keep it balanced and never use the rainbow puke colors just a single static one on all of the led parts. 'That is one reason why I went for this specific GTX 1070, really like how it looks'

I did play an MMO for ~7 years where character customization was the real end game activity after you had a good/top gear.
You wouldn't want to know the time and in game grinding I did just to color match my chars and buy rare colors for my stuff so yea obviously I'm gonna care about how my PC/hardware looks.:laugh:
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ChomiqThat's one ugly card.
Well the ugly will properly be more silent and be a too big for Asus to get demand on :laugh:
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Looks like their 3070 TUF with a hastily-mounted 2x120mm fan shroud bolted on. All of the bent fins and what looks to be black insulation tape (or possibly just ultra low-quality image) make me think this is an early prototype and subject to change.

At the very least, the biggest problem with standard 120x25mm case fans is their thickness. This is now a four-slot graphics card, which is a lot of space to dedicate to something with only two fans.
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A - I like it. :)
B - I'll never see it IRL...
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This would actually fit right in with my rig's theme, if i didnt already have a 3080 in there.
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TurmaniaI do not think they are 12CM fans most probably 9.2CM. They should have gone for all black design with Chromax line, would have been better for sales considering I believe there is no rgb in it.
Nope, those are off-the-shelf NF-A12x25s. Look how tall they are compared to the rear I/O slot - those are 120mm tall. Noctua doesn't have any 92mm fan resembling this design, and there's no way they're launching an updated 92mm design with this GPU - that would be a brand-new design. Besides, if these were 92mm fans, the fans would be 184mm wide, making this barely bigger than an ITX (170mm) card. That is clearly not the case here.
lasMaybe because 3070 uses half the watts compared to 3080 yet delivers 80% of the performance or more if you are CPU bound like most high fps gamers. 3080 first really takes off at 2160p/4K.
But that wattage is precisely why this cooler would make more sense on the higher end cards.
AusWolfWell, you wouldn't want your car to be diarrhoea colour tan and brown, would you? ;) If we're talking about an object that you look at every day, aesthetics do matter, imo. It has always boggled my mind that Noctua chose the (probably) ugliest colour combination to be used on their products. This has been my only reason to avoid them, just as I'll give this graphics card a hard pass too. Not only does its colour evoke bodily functions unrelated to computers, but it also looks too thick and heavy.
While tan/brown doesn't match typical PC aesthetics, there are plenty of Noctua-themed builds outtherethatlookreally, reallygood. It's a particular type of look, and definitely not for those dead set on the gamery or more classically "tech" styles, but ... meh. It can still look good.
AusWolfOnly because it's Noctua's colour. It also tells people that you have zero sense of aesthetics, or just really don't care.
Or they just don't subscribe to the idea that "good looking PC" needs to fit into a handful of extremely narrow styles?
You'd hope for this amount of money they would at least dress up the center of the fan better than this but a rumor is a rumor lol

That's how the NF-A12x25's fan hub looks. It's a common feature seen across other fans with similarly large hubs as well. There's likely an engineering reason for it (could be balancing, could be lowering rotating mass, could be the difficulty of moulding around that lock ring, could be anything really. I don't mind - it's a sign of a certain design style of high end fans (see for example Nidec Gentle Typhoon, EK Vardar, etc.).
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Vayra86We have a ghetto mods topic for this sort of stuff, right?

Others seem to be obsessed with size...

but what matters is what you do with it... :fear:
Its not about size, its how you use it.
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PsychoholicThis would actually fit right in with my rig's theme, if i didnt already have a 3080 in there.

I wouldn't mind either.. :D :D
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Judging by those pics, that's an almost 4 Slot cooler :eek:
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I was expecting something a little more premium looking, a bit more effort ya know? But was also expecting it to be above Strix in price. If I had @Psychoholic's build I would have bought it lol, my build is bequiet! themed :P
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MuaadibJudging by those pics, that's an almost 4 Slot cooler :eek:
Yes it is, seems to be 3.5 slot.

SLI is dead any ways so no worries about thickness, just give us quiet good performing 25MM thick fans.
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