Thursday, November 25th 2021

GALAX Introduces the RTX 3060 Metaltop Mini (FG) 12 GB Graphics Card

GALAX has added another graphics solution to its lineup in the form of the RTX 3060 Metaltop Mini (FG) Graphics Card. The (FG) bit stands as an interesting warning to cryptocurrency miners; besides the card being shipped with NVIDIA's Lite Hash Rate (LHR) modifications, it actually stands for "For Gamers". That's definitely one way of stopping scalpers and miners from buying up stock... Or is it, really?

The Metaltop Mini would feel right at home in HTPC settings, considering its Mini-ITX form-factor - and is the first GALAX graphics card that features a single fan on cooling duty for an Ampere chip. The Metaltop measures 16.8 cm (length), 11.5 cm (width), and 4 cm (height). Support for 0dB technology still made onto the card despite the single-fan cooling solution - the fan will automatically turn itself off when passive cooling is enough. The card features the same 12 GB GDDR6 memory over a 192-bit bus as other RTX 3060 cards, and there's no factory overclocking or an OC button on the Metaltop - it runs at the stock 1,777 MHz Boost as NVIDIA's reference. I/O is taken care of by the customary 3x DisplayPort, 1x HDMI connectors. A single 8-pin power delivery connector is present. No word on pricing, though availability is scheduled for "soon" via the manufacturer's website.
Source: Videocardz
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Honestly, if the availability and pricing is as it was up until now, they can unveil anything they want... only Richie Rich and bots will be able to get them.
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I miss reference blowers from Nvidia and AMD.

Sure, for a single card in a large case they're unnecessary and suboptimal but many mITX builds, or any build that has limited case airflow it's just so nice to get all of the exhausted heat directly out of the case.

There comes a point (and it's really not difficult to reach with modern GPUs in compact builds) where the fan noise caused by an open GPU cooler having to work with warm intake air is greater than a single-fan blower design, and that warmer case temperature also has a knock-on effect for the CPU cooler and anything else that draws in case air for active cooling.
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Single fan and small enough to fit in most mini-ITX cases. This is what I dearly miss from the current GPU market (apart from availability and sensible pricing, of course). :)
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It reminded me of a can of fish. and the warning gave me a thought as to whether they might be radioactive. That this mini cooling is enough? I doubt it !, a quiet oven for mini systems! Yap , this winter will be cold and additional space heating is offered here. it looks cute for a hot can. :laugh: :D:laugh:
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Metal clad PCB...
1 fan + passive cooling mode....
2 slots wide...
4 display outputs...
12GB vram....
single power connector....

YEP this is definitely what I want for my next build, 4 sure 4 sure oh yea uh huh...

n.O.t :)
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I like this design a lot! Very good use of space. Functional and stylish!
?!? Why?
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