Tuesday, February 1st 2022

NVIDIA GeForce 511.65 Game Ready Drivers Released

NVIDIA on Tuesday released the latest version of its GeForce Game Ready software. Version 511.65 WHQL comes with support for the new GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPU and RTX 3070 Ti Laptop GPU. The drivers also come with optimization for "Dying Light 2: Stay Human," and "Sifu." The drivers also add a few security updates, improvements to the interoperability between OpenCL and Vulkan APIs, an updated NVIDIA OpenCL compiler; and application profile for "Dead by Daylight Epic Games version."

Among the bugs fixed are geometry corruption for "Far Cry 6" in Windows 11, stuttering noticed in multiple apps; a black screen noticed in notebooks with Advanced Optimus configured for dGPU mode; DLDSR causing black screens on certain 3440 x 1440-pixel displays; GeForce Experience filters causing flickering in certain DirectX 12 games; and "Forza Horizon" game freezing noticed when applying certain trims on cars. Grab the drivers from the link below.

Game Ready
  • Dying Light 2 Stay Human
  • Sifu
Hardware Support
  • GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti notebooks
New Features
  • Security updates - see Security Bulletin: NVIDIA GPU Display Driver - February 2022, which is available on the release date of this software and is listed on the NVIDIA Product Security page.
  • OpenCL Vulkan Interop
  • New external memory and semaphore sharing extensions provide a generic framework that enables OpenCL to import external memory and semaphore handles to synchronize with the external runtime, coordinating the use of shared memory.
  • NVIDIA OpenCL Compiler Upgrade
  • The embedded OpenCL Just-In-Time compiler will offer an opt-in version utilizing CLANG 7.0 and NVVM 7.0 components, providing support for 16-bit floating point and 128-bit integer data types.
  • Added Dead by Daylight- EGS Version application profile.
  • [Windows 11][Far Cry 6]: Geometric corruption occurs in the benchmark and in gameplay. [3441540]
  • Multiple apps report stutter (or light to poor hitching) due to allocation creation. [3426466]
  • [Notebook]: With Advanced Optimus configured in dGPU mode, notebook will display a black screen. [3502766]
  • Some 3440x1440 monitors may display a black screen when selecting a DLDSR resolution. [3502478]
  • [DirectX 12]: GeForce Experience Freestyle filters may cause game to flicker. [3496529]
  • [Forza Horizon]: The game freezes when applying livery or vinyl to certain cars when ray tracing is enabled. [3506220/3506340]
Windows 10/11 Issues
  • [NVIDIA Ampere GPU]: With the GPU connected to an HDMI 2.1 audio/video receiver, audio may drop out when playing back Dolby Atmos. [3345965]
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed may crash on courses where players drive through water. [3338967]
  • [NVIDIA Advanced Optimus][NVIDIA Control Panel]: After setting the display multiplexer type to "dGPU", the setting is not preserved across a reboot or resume from S4. [200779758]
  • [Call of Duty: Vanguard]: The game may display random corruption. [3503111]
  • [Battlefield 2042]: The game may display color flashes on the screen. [3503086]
  • DVI monitor EDID may not be detected correctly on certain monitors. [3502752]
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9 Comments on NVIDIA GeForce 511.65 Game Ready Drivers Released

I have these installed now with NVClean Install, everything working great
Posted on Reply
Vulkan 1.3 support, and a nice 24% boost for some games in emulation.
Posted on Reply
CallandorWoTI have these installed now with NVClean Install, everything working great
Same except normally through GFE because Nvcleanstall brought me 0 benefit.
Posted on Reply
ChomiqDLSS dll's are shipped with games.
so, we all dont need to download that DLSS DLL 2.3.7 ??
Posted on Reply
Tech Enthusiast & Gamer
arni-gxso, we all dont need to download that DLSS DLL 2.3.7 ??
This is for older games, if you want to update the DLSS version.
Posted on Reply
Jun 28th, 2022 23:00 EDT change timezone

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