Tuesday, February 8th 2022

Toshiba Unveils Path to 30 TB by FY23

Toshiba Corporation held an investor relations event in Tokyo, Japan. During Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation's presentation, Mr. Hiroyuki Sato, President & CEO of TDSC, unveiled a descriptive roadmap of Toshiba's next-generation Nearline HDDs. Data generation continues to grow at a double digit rates every year, and demand from cloud companies to store the burgeoning data is driving the need for higher capacity HDDs. To meet this surging demand, Toshiba plans to leverage its proprietary recording technologies, FC-MAMR (Flux-Controlled - Microwave-Assisted Magnetic Recording), MAS-MAMR (Microwave Assisted Switching - Microwave-Assisted Magnetic Recording), and Disk Stacking technology to lift Nearline HDD capacities to 30 TB by FY2023, and greater capacities beyond.

"Toshiba continues to work closely with the cloud companies to understand their exact capacity and performance requirements, and the ability to utilize our next-generation technologies will be key to meeting our customers' needs," said Raghu Gururangan, Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. Vice President, Engineering & Product Marketing. "Many years of close collaboration work with our key component suppliers is leading to impactful technology breakthroughs to achieve higher capacities, which ultimately reduces TCO (total cost of ownership) of our Nearline HDDs."
As a global technology company that has been innovating in storage for years, Toshiba offers a comprehensive portfolio of HDD products that address the storage needs of enterprise, datacenter, surveillance, and client markets. Toshiba solves customer challenges with innovative HDD models focusing on four primary market segments. The AL Series focuses on the Enterprise Performance segment; the MG Series is aimed at Enterprise Capacity and Data Center needs; the MQ Series covers the broad spectrum of use cases that require Mobile Client HDDs; and the DT Series addresses the surveillance and traditional Desktop Client use cases.
Source: Toshiba Semicon
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all i want is an affordable 16tb
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noel_fsall i want is an affordable 16tb
One can always dream...
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It's mad that the prices and availability of high capacity hard drives became really poor when chia cryptocurrency took off, and now that it's as good as dead (nobody is buying HDD to farm chia now) they are still not as low as they were before chia.
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noel_fsall i want is an affordable 16tb
14TB was on sale recently for $170 in america.
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The Von Matrices
I'll believe it when I see it. HDD manufacturers have been talking about HAMR and MAMR for nearly a decade with no actual products.
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Jun 26th, 2022 09:36 EDT change timezone

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