Monday, April 18th 2022

Sapphire Readies Radeon RX 6950 XT TOXIC Limited Edition

AMD is readying to refresh its Radeon RX 6000 RDNA2 graphics card series with the new RX 6x50 series that use faster memory, and possibly higher engine clock speeds; and Sapphire is preparing updates to its entire custom-design graphics card product-stack. The top-dog RX 6950 XT will receive the company's highest-end TOXIC Limited Edition treatment, according to an Italian retail ready with listings. This SKU, like its RX 6900 XT-based predecessor (pictured below), will feature an all-in-one liquid cooling solution, with a pump+block that pulls heat from the GPU, ventilated by a large 360 mm radiator. Custom-design RX 6900 XT cards already use triple-8 pin PCIe power connector setup, and so it will be interesting to see if AMD implements the ATX 3.0 16-pin connector NVIDIA did with its RTX 3090 Ti.
Source: VideoCardz
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The Exiled Airman
Thats a nvidia proprietary power connector
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eidairaman1Thats a nvidia proprietary power connector
It's an ATX 3.0 standard connector now too.
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eidairaman1Thats a nvidia proprietary power connector
What? It's an off the shelf microfit 3.0, there's nothing proprietary about it (the atx3.0/pcie version with the extra sidebands was customized by the pci sig - which includes nvidia of course - with Amphenol if I recall correctly)
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Hmm the 6900XT version of this cards sells for this much CAD I wonder what this will be priced at?

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Would be nice if AMD used 3D cache on the GPU cache they could reduce a fair bit of wattage judging by the 5800X3D in doing so.
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InVasManiWould be nice if AMD used 3D cache on the GPU cache they could reduce a fair bit of wattage judging by the 5800X3D in doing so.
Wouldn't it be redundant with the infinity cache already on the gpu?
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Yeah I forgot about the infinity cache. If their able to stack and increase the cache size though it would be worth it. I don't know how much performance upside it might entail, but the efficiency gains look favorable regardless and I'd still very much expect some performance gains to be possible. The implications for mobile in particular are really strong since battery life is still a good concern and heat output is also important in SFF. The carbon footprint is also impossible to ignore. If you think about it in regard to question of the existance of aliens the answer becomes quite clear. Aliens either exist or a species only evolves to the point of collapse. It can't in between so where does that lead us with this carbon footprint dark matter!!?
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The Limited Edition is not the highest end TOXIC. The Extreme Edition with the XTXH chip is currently the highest end TOXIC. I’m willing to bet this card has mem frequency at 2150, and clocks around 2800.

If so, lottery bin chips no longer needed (or they have a large inventory of the XTXH chips) and clocks and mem freq achieved with the Extreme Edition are no longer needed. Would be interesting if they release a 6950 XT TOXIC Extreme Edition, otherwise it is probable this card won’t be an upgrade for those with Extreme Edition rather just a response to Nvidia.
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