Thursday, June 21st 2007

Asetek signs research agreement with Professor Massoud Kaviany

Broenderslev, Denmark, June 21 2007 – Asetek, the market leader of thermal management solutions for semiconductors, announced today that they have signed a research agreement with Professor, Ph.D. Massoud Kaviany from University of Michigan.

CPU and GPU capabilities improve by continuously growing the number of transistors in the core, by increasing the clock frequency, and by implementing more CPU cores into multicore processors. This results in higher power consumption which makes thermal management much more challenging. However, there is another factor which is becoming more critical than power consumption; hotspots. Hotspots can generate a very high heatflux and therefore impose tremendous demands on the effectiveness of the CPU and GPU cooler.

To meet this challenge Asetek will work in cooperation with Professor Massoud Kaviany to develop advanced single and two phase cooling solutions. These solutions will have the ability to handle the highly localized and extreme heatfluxes in the future CPU and GPU systems.

“It is an exciting time at Asetek, and we are really pleased to have partnered with Professor Massoud Kaviany on the development of these new cooling solutions,” says Christian Christiansen, VP of Engineering at Asetek. Christian Terp, Thermodynamics Specialist at Asetek, goes on to say, “Professor Kaviany’s knowledge and expertise in two phase cooling and porous media technologies is extremely impressive and we are looking forward to the product innovation that will come from his contributions.”

“I have worked with the Asetek staff at the headquarters in Denmark and feel they are a well-staffed and focused firm with the goal of producing innovative and cost-effective e-cooling devices,” says Professor Massoud Kaviany. “The concept-prototype-production stream is logical and very forward looking with an international perspective. I find Asetek open to new materials and methods for the next generation heat dissipation devices and anticipate a productive relationship resulting in innovative technologies which Asetek can bring to market.”

About Massoud Kaviany
Massoud Kaviany has since 1986 been a professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Michigan, where he is also with the Applied Physics Program. In 1979 he received his Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. His area of teaching and research is heat transfer physics with a particular interest in porous media. He has authored monographs and a textbook on heat transfer and is the recipient of the 2002 ASME Heat Transfer Memorial Award (Science).

About Asetek
Founded in 2000, Asetek is a world leading thermal management solution provider of vapor phase, vapor chamber and liquid-cooling solutions. These solutions are designed for OEM integration, servers/datacenters, PC enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals who demand exceptional performance, maximum reliability and low noise. During a decade Asetek has grown very strong brand names VapoChill® and WaterChill™ to be the favorite choice of enthusiast grade cooling solutions. The VapoChill® and WaterChill™ product lines have won more than 200 international press awards.

With headquarters in Denmark, a marketing and FAE office in Menlo Park, California, a QA and sourcing office in Hong Kong, and a sales office in Taipei, Asetek works actively with world-leading companies within the industry to ensure maximum reliability, cost effectiveness, and performance for its products at the same time as providing global logistical support for its customers. Asetek is funded by Northzone Ventures, Vaekstfonden, KT Venture Group and a group of private investors. Source: Asetek
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5 Comments on Asetek signs research agreement with Professor Massoud Kaviany

Bird of Prey
Awesome joint venture indeed :toast:

Sounds like new cooling technologies that offer better solutions are soon on the horizon.
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I actually am really interested to see what they come up with.
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Are they talking about 2 stage phase change?
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bigboi86 said:
Are they talking about 2 stage phase change?
Ya, basically they will manufacture cascades.
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D_o_S said:
Ya, basically they will manufacture cascades.
That will be awesome, but really expensive. Man, it pisses me off about the OCZ phase change that never happened, they were going to sell them for like 300bucks.
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