Sunday, July 29th 2007

Cooler Master Introduces New Case Fans

Cooler Master introduced today its latest case fan series - the LED On/Off Fan, which allows you to independently shut down the LED lights while the fan keeps spinning. The Cooler Master LED On/Off Fan series support the standard 3-pin fan headers and, most importantly, adds an extra LED on/off connector, which attaches to the LED control panel. With an easy installation of the control panel in any free rear side slot on the chassis, PC users are able to turn on or shut off their LEDs manually whenever they want. One control panel is designed to connect and control up to 3 LED on/off fans. In addition the LED on/off fans also offer a silent cooling environment at 20 dBA, brighter 4 blue LEDs and full RoHS compliance. The Cooler Master LED On/Off Fan series are available now in 80mm & 120mm versions, with optional control panel bundles available as well.

Source: Cooler Master
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i cant see the point in these, you either want led's or you dont, what advantage is turning them off going to have except earning coolermaster another $1-2 per fan for the choice, hardly news imo.
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V lyx
I guess it helps if you wanna go to sleep and leave your computer on.
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V lyx said:
I guess it helps if you wanna go to sleep and leave your computer on.
Only reason I'd get it....
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There are some cheap and good LED fans, but say these move like 30CFM of air and at ~20DBA for like $5 or so, but crap they have LEDs. I really don't like LED's, they consome power (yes I know not that much) and are practically useless. Computers aren't for gawking at, they are number crunchers, file servers, digital notebooks, gaming machines, etc...
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They should have made it a speed control instead of an led control!
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At 17.16CFM output for the 80mm fan they are pretty worthless, I have older Coolermaster LED fans that output 32CFM at around 27dB, bought for around 4 bucks.
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I'm the only one
in my experience,fans with leds=cheap crap.good quality fans almost never come with leds.amen
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Bird of Prey
Precisely, I love my Blue LED fans, but at night, Id like to turn them off to save a little energy and still seed my torrents and what not.
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