Wednesday, August 1st 2007

Intel Advertising Faces Racist Accusations

While a lot of people would say that Intel's Core 2 Duo series advertises itself, Intel thinks that a little help from PR doesn't hurt. Unfortunately, Intel's latest advertisement seems to be a little racist. As The Inquirer puts it, the advertisement...
shows a white IT manager looking pretty pleased with himself, having successful managed to "multiply computing performance" and "maximise the power" of his employees. For some bizarre reason, the employees are all depicted as black athletes, crouched as if starting a sprint race - but also appearing to all bow down before the smug white dude.
Public response to this advertisement ranges from "stupid ad but not racism" to "This one is a s*** storm waiting to happen". On a side note, the people over at Gizmodo, who caught the possible racism, feel that the advertisement "might be racist, but boy does it make me want a Core 2 Duo."

Source: The Inquirer
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V lyx
Wow, racism or not this c2d ad is dumb...
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Jimmy 2004
Lolz... I don't think it's intended to be racist - after all, black people do tend to be better athletes in track events, so Intel probably started with one athlete who happened to be black, and then 'multiplied' him and left him in the starting position around the IT dude. Still funny though, and I can see what people mean. Just shows that we are over-sensitive to differences such as skin colour nowadays, gone from one extreme to another.
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Wow, just because most fast sprinters are black people they have to call racism. I'm pretty sure if Intel meant a racist view they could've done it in a much different fashion compared to this. Also this shows the black athletes are fastest (core 2 fastest cpu -> represented by black sprinters)
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Personally, I think ppl are bein too sensitive to the ad
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V lyx
Intel would never had this problem if they had Michael Johnson in the ad. Even though I don't think it's racist it depends on the viewers opinion if it is or isn't. Intel should just pull it since it's getting to much negative publicity and take what they learned from it.
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friggin sensitive people need to stfu and get a life and quit complaining about everything.
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Azn Tr14dZ
It's not that bad, I could see why people would think it's racism, but it's not as bad as people think.
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My interpritation of this add is not racism. Just a parallel between fast runners and fast CPU's.
But, if we didn't have the people that raise a brow at such depictions, would that create a gateway for racism?
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Intel is racist!!!!!!!!:shadedshu
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Your right it is racist! Why is the only white guy in the picture a geek!?! There's white athletes out there TOO! And what about other races, does this mean that blacks are the only good runners?!?

LoL. I think they looked at the olympics and went hmm. . . who's won. Everyone thinks of the IT guy as the white nerd so whats wrong? He didn't have a pocket protector?
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someone in intel's marketing/pr dept should have caught this. i think it's sometimes deliberately done by large companies to test the market's response to different types of ads. ive seen a cpl like this (edgy really, maybe a hint of something, but not racist/sexist, etc) and they get changed by the end of their run (see nestle drumstick commercial and the one with the black lady running to the freezer for the bunch of guys in the meals). either way, the image of a bunch of black guys bowing to the feet of a happy smiling white guy is gonna twist a few whiskers, if u know what im saying.
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I do agree that people are far too sensative nowadays, people want to cry racist at everything to get attention but thats the way things are

i can't believe someone didnt spot this though
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Oh, please. That's just a Detriot high school track team's 15th year reunion photo.

"Hey guys! How about one more sprint for old time's sake?"
"I don't know, guys... I'm not really dressed for it."
"Ah, come on! We're ready! Race ya'!"

I'm sure later there was a cookout with foods high in carbs and fructose, like fowl, and fruit, and... and... oh, lord. I've gone and done it now!!! :banghead:
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Kind of hard to tell for sure but it looks like all six athletes are the same guy. :wtf: This whole thing is stupid though.
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russianboy said:
friggin sensitive people need to stfu and get a life and quit complaining about everything.
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russianboy said:
friggin sensitive people need to stfu and get a life and quit complaining about everything.
Russianboy, that was a little extreme, even for you...
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yeah its all the same dude... I dont see it as racist at all. hes representing speed and thats what sprinters do... most great sprinters if not all are black. (I hardly ever watch sprint running but when I've watched it, its usually a black guy from Nigeria who wins).
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pc gone insane... its the peeps that think its racist that need their heads seen 2..

i dontlike intel, but all they did was exemplify multitasking by replicating a really fast black dude multiple times, thats not racist, lol, cmon..we all know some of the fastest people on this planet have dark skin, thats the truth,

to be racist, the add would have to imply that some1 coloured or woteva was less than the norm. here it clearly aint the case......
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seriously this is more likely an attempt to create controversy by some crappy media publication after all who if anyone at all is or has complained about it? this is something only idiots would fall for really.
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RickyG512 said:
C2D's are BLACK !!!!!
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