Friday, November 9th 2007

AMD AM3 Motherboard Reference Design Leaked

AM3, the official socket successor to AM2(+), will give AMD users access to DDR3 RAM, 45nm AM3 processors, and all sorts of other goodies. It should come around sometime in 2008, with true AM3 processors coming in the second half of next year. This chart should explain a lot of questions you may have about the AMD platform. And without further ado, enjoy.

Source: Chile Hardware
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6 Comments on AMD AM3 Motherboard Reference Design Leaked

Good job AMD but, I think i know why do they change very frequently of socket... it's because of the memory controller. Now figure out why??
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Plenty of USB in there, need more SATA.... :D
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im kinda suprised to see ide still i guess legacy still isnt dead it sucks for case managment though
ya the memory controller has its advantages and disadvantages to bad its kept amd one step behind in ram even though its great for performance. but i hear intel is going to an onboard memory controller too.
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Bird of Prey
This board is encompassing all aspects of hardware. Nice to see old tech still supported. and the socket is backwards compatible with amd2 and am2+
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where the hell are my stars
no the chips are backwards comatable to AM2,AM2+ mobos the AM3 boards wont support those chips cause it needs DDR2 to run the older chips
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