Wednesday, January 9th 2008

Blu-ray to Feature PSP Transfer

It looks like Sony has truly admitted defeat with UMD movies following plans to allow the PS3 to transfer Blu-ray movies onto PSP memory sticks. Rather than re-encoding the HD content for the PSP’s resolution, Sony plans to have Blu-ray disks which feature a PSP-specific version of the movie on the same disk as the main feature, allowing the PSP to simply copy it from the disk directly to the memory stick. The one downside of this would be that Blu-ray films which have already been sold will probably not be compatible with this feature. President of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, David Bishop, said:
This way, you can have a portable copy you can take with you. There was always the promise of greater interactivity. You'll see that coming in the new year.
Source: DailyTech
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Would there be much difference to waching a UMD in teeny weeny eye strain vision?
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Semi-Retired Folder
I only owned 2 UMD movies for my PSP. Spiderman 2, which came with the PSP, and Van Wilder which I found at a Flee Market for $5. I only used them once while on flying.

Then I found the magic of ripping DVDs to the memory sticks and UMDs became useless to me.

It really isn't that bad watching videos on the PSP screen. It isn't like it has to be big, you are only holding it a foot or two away from your face.
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Yar! Me be seeing an open sea, set sail and ye wind shall come.
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i have a long tube ride from work each day... use my psp to watch movies and stuff... you can download some clips from googles video site... some good comedy stuff on there..

Havent used a UMD though.. useless to me to own it... i never watch something more than once.. and id get bored of having to carry all those discs around
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~Technological Technocrat~
Atnevon said:
Yar! Me be seeing an open sea, set sail and ye wind shall come.
+1 who needs UMD's when you have ImToo rippers. & a pc to psp cable.
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O That's Cool!
I have a PSPSlim!

The only thing I need now is just a PS3 :pimp:
[I.R.A]_FBi said:
at 368x208 i dont think piracy will be a problem. as the PSP video use a MP4 format, i assume we will be able to play these files on other media players like a zune, ipod or any other similar device
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evil bill
I never really understood the point of UMDs - the only one I had was given as a gift, and I remember thinking "well, thanks but why not just buy me the DVD so I can at least view the film on something other than the PSP". How ungrateful I know........

They should add MP4 versions of the featured film/TV series all DVDs - save me a lot of time ripping and encoding, and when you consider how many people have PSPs / iPods / Zunes etc I bet it would be very well received.
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sony admitted defeat, good no one bought those things anyway. I respect their new alternative method of acquiring movies for the psp
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