Friday, January 18th 2008

Gaming Sales Grew 43% in 2007

The games industry managed record sales of $17.9bn in 2007, up 43% from $12.5bn in 2006. The Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 all saw their most successful sales figures in December, shifting a total of 1.4m, 1.3m and 800,000 units respectively, meaning that the Xbox 360 has now sold 8.5m units since its launch, the Wii 6.3m and the PS3 2.8m. However, the best selling console over Christmas was actually the Nintendo DS, which achieved sales figures of 2.5m in December. Meanwhile, the most successful game last year was Halo 3, which sold 4.82m copies, with Wii Play in second place on 4.12m and Call of Duty 4 in third on 3.04m.

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There are 2 good games on that list:

Super Mario Galaxy and COD4.
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
had COD4 come out earlier in the year i bet it would have been the top seller.
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surprise surprise, no ps3 games.
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How is Halo 3 #1! I've played online shooters from years ago thats are better than that crap :shadedshu
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