Thursday, February 28th 2008

ASUS Launches Triton 79 AMAzing CPU Cooler

In celebrating a milestone of High-end CPU coolers, ASUS is proud to announce the new release of 3,200 sets of limited-edition Triton 79 AMAzing CPU coolers to commemorate its popularity among global gaming enthusiasts.
The name AMAzing represents the high level of achievement of this flagship cooler in terms of high performance, stylish outlook and gorgeous packaging. Made just for this deluxe limited-edition package, every component is well protected by Polyurethane foam plastic; and each owner of the ASUS Triton 79 AMAzing will have an ultra-exclusive identification card marked with a limited-edition serial number. There is no doubt that the Triton 79 AMAzing is the superior choice for computer gamers who require ultimate performance, absolute silence and eye-catching designs.

Support for Quad-Core CPU Overclocking
The Triton 79 AMAzing is able to support Intel Core 2 Extreme / Core 2 Quad Quad-Core CPUs (LGA775) and AMD Athlon 64 FX/X2 Dual-Core processors (939/940/AM2/AM2+/1207+). With this much support for so many different processors, the Triton 79 AMAzing is ideal for gamers who wish to overclock their systems and retain the choice to use multiple computing platforms.

Superior Cooling and Quiet Computing Environment at 18dBA
The Triton 79 AMAzing incorporates a nickel-plating copper base, 4 copper heat pipes and aluminum fins to help control processor temperatures at levels most suitable for the highest performance and most stable computing environment. Additionally, the Triton 79 AMAzing also incorporates a PWM function 12cm fan that automatically modulates fan speeds according to the CPU temperature and delivers quiet cooling at a mere 18dBA.

Voltage Regulation Module Protection
The voltage regulation shield inside the cooler directs airflow created by the 12cm LED fan to surrounding VRM (voltage regulation modules) that are critical to processor operations and overall system reliability. This unique design effectively reduces VRM temperatures by 10-15°C for smooth and stable operations.

Easy Installations
Innovative assembly with specially designed push pins and clips make fastening the cooler even easier than ever before. The Triton 79 AMAzing can also be easily installed in just 2 simple steps without removing the motherboard from the system.


Source: ASUS
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8 Comments on ASUS Launches Triton 79 AMAzing CPU Cooler

Bird of Prey
Wow, this is a pretty interesting cooler. I never used the Tritons, but I assume they perform pretty good. Wonder what kind of price point this will come in at.
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asus isn't that popular in cooling...hype yourselves much, asus?
I mean, you aren't even #1 in MB awesomeness anymore.
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I think that thing is fugly! and it probably doesn't dissapte heat very well asus' last few coolers have been crap so this is probably overpriced crap.
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TheGuruStud said:
hype yourselves much, asus?
I mean, you aren't even #1 in MB awesomeness anymore.
I HIGHGLY doubt that. Asus is right up there with DFI and I guess even Gigabyte. MSI, Intel, etc. aren't in the same league as the initial 2 are.
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DFI is the "awesomeness" now. Asus has floundered since the athlon 64 came out.
Their uber high end stuff is nice, but not worth the price. They are getting stomped in quality in the low and midrange market. They simply aren't as good and are overpriced.
I use to use Asus exclusively, but not anymore. Hell, these biostar boards have more features and are much cheaper. I've been using those for budget and they're great. The tforce ones even O/C good for a cheapo board.
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Anyone have this cooler and phenom 9850?
Or know what temp CPU had?
Or maybe a chart?
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This cooler is supreme

It just goes to show you, if you think a company like Asus cant compete in the area of cooling just because they didn't have some kind of world dominance in the area, you would be well beyond dead would be rotting corpse wrong because there are several companies that have jumped into cooling and made a huge impact. OCZ for one with the Vindicator, a marvelous piece of CPU cooling engineering.

Now I own a Vindicator, and I can tell you that it is not only not quite as good a dissipating heat as the Asus unit, it has neither the looks or the exclusivity of the Triton. This Asus unit is worth ever dime.
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asusu triton 79 amazing on the amd 9850 black

the asus triton 79 amazing in the amd 9850 black ad well it most be the wrong choice of thermal paste but aim not happy whit this my temp now is cpu 47 mobo 37 on idle on full lode cpu 54 mobo 49 now asus tech tall me to use this thermal compound Arctic Silver it should give a nice 10 decree off that would be nice ti see
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