Wednesday, March 5th 2008

ASUS Launches Lion Square CPU Cooler

Catering to users who require functionality as well as efficient cooling, ASUS has released the latest Square Series CPU Cooler – the Lion Square. Inspired by the Sword Lion shield, the Lion Square borrows the character of the shield – the impressive face of lion totem, and its spirit, symbolizing strength and courage, to represent the outstanding efficiency of the new launch. The Lion Square incorporates several innovative features that include: double-sided high density wave fins, dynamic fan speed control and four copper heat pipes to deliver quiet and high-performance heat dissipation from the Intel Core2 Extreme / Core2 Quad Quad-Core CPU and AMD Athlon64 FX/X2 Dual-Core processors.
Unique Design – The Legend of the Sword Lion
The ASUS Lion Square is named after the legend of the Sword Lion, which is the emblem of strength, courage and good fortune. The bold and unique design features 8 heat pipes that originate from the bottom of the device for heat conduction and adds aesthetic appeal with nuts on the top of the cooler cover that mimic the shape of the shield. Both technically and artistically, the Lion Square perfectly matches the spirit of the traditional sword lion, in the hope of providing the gamers an effective and safer operating experience, or even good fortune!

About the legend:
A famous general once led his armies to defeat a group of strong enemies after an invasion. The shields that were equipped by the armies were carved with a lion-tattoo and the swords were placed through lion's mouth. Later generations believe that this lion-tattoo symbolizes Strength, Courage, and Good Fortune.

30% Cooler with Large Heat Exchange Area and Powerful Cooling
The Lion Square incorporates a nickel-plating copper base, four copper heat pipes, aluminum wave fins and a 9cm LED inner fan to efficiently lower processor temperatures by 30%. In addition, the Inner fan directs airflow created by the 9cm LED fan to surrounding VRM (voltage regulation modules) – which is critical to processor operations and overall system reliability. These features enable gamers to enjoy safe overclocking of up to 180 W.

Innovative Features for Convenience and Quiet Cooling
The Lion Square incorporates several innovative features that include: a PWM function with the 9cm fan that automatically modulates fan speeds according to the CPU temperature – delivering quiet cooling at a mere 16dBA; while innovative assembly with specially designed spring screw and clips makes fastening easier than ever before. In just 2 simple steps, the Lion Square can be easily installed without removing the motherboard from the system.


Source: ASUS
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8 Comments on ASUS Launches Lion Square CPU Cooler

Bird of Prey
Cant wait to see Benchmarks on this.
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WarEagleAU said:
Cant wait to see Benchmarks on this.
So a $20 cooler can beat it :laugh:
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Yeah, I don't know why ASUS keeps putting these out. It's like 6months and a new same square cooler. I'd stick with motherboards and graphic cards and leave the CPU coolers to those who do it for their living. I have an ASUS mobo but I'd never buy an ASUS cooler, unless some miracle happens and it's suddenly the badass cooler on the block :)
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Looks ok, but as always asus coolers don't seem to perform all that well, and in Aussie they cost a fortune compared to other coolers....

I would stick with Zalman or do what real men do and water cool the damn thing... :laugh:
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