Tuesday, March 18th 2008

Palit Launches 1GB GeForce 9600 GT

Graphics card manufacturer Palit has introduced a new version of its GeForce 9600 GT graphics card featuring 1GB of memory, twice that of the standard model. The 9600 GT 1GB Sonic has a core speed of 700MHz and GDDR3 memory running at 2GHz. The card also comes equipped with HDMI, DisplayPort, Optical SPDIF and two DVI outputs. The card should be available immediately.Source: TG Daily
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1 Comment on Palit Launches 1GB GeForce 9600 GT

Wooooo... Palit always make the best cards! :rockout:
1 gb for a 9600 is maybe a bit overkill but if its not that much dearer than fair enuf.
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