Saturday, May 24th 2008

Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 Coming Soon

Microsoft has detailed plans to update its Windows Home Server OS with the release of Power Pack 1. Coming soon, most notably the first Power Pack for Home Server will fix the corruption issues that have plagued the OS since its release. The flaw has been acknowledged by Microsoft for some time now, but until now nothing major has been done.
Due to the nature of the shared folder data corruption bug (KB #946676) a broad beta test program with sufficient time for feedback is required. The time line for a final release will depend on this feedback and testing, in order to deliver a fix of the highest quality. To meet our goals for the beta test we need the number of beta testers who are actively using and testing the Power Pack 1 beta to ramp up very quickly
Microsoft issued this statement to all Windows Home Server users. If you want to participate in the Power Pack 1 beta process, head on over to the Microsoft Home Server website.Source:
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wow... they sure are taking their time time with those issues.. Interesting it's going to be called a Power Pack vs. a Service Pack.
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they arent really taking their time for a service pack/power pack it usually is a year to year and a half process think about between sp2 and sp3 was like what 5 years this has been a less than 6 month old os so its really fast shoot this beta was nearly out in time for the vista sp1 release which is over twice as old as whs. i am happy and signed up for the beta hopefully this will smooth out my back up so x64 vista will finally be supported in the console like suggested from microsoft then i can finally take stupid xp off my system ( i keep it just to run the console back up) lol
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I didn't mean the time it took to launch a Power Pack, I meant the time it took to correct the file corruption.
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I can has a need for virtulisation. WHS, Server 08. I might try the new virtualisation manager with this.
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There is NO EXCUSE for such a delay to fix corruption issues. Just goes to show that no "home user" is in a position to sue the pants off MS. So MS is complacent and takes its time. If MS had such an issue on their datacentre range of servers YOU BET THEY WOULD BE UP 24-7 FIXING THE ISSUE.
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The reason why it has taken so "long" to fix the corruption bug is that the bug is in a core part of the operating system. Takes time to fix things like that. Also, the extensive testing to make sure the bug IS fixed takes time.

And, honestly, the corruption is failry rare.

People need to realise that WHS is not a total back-up solution. No one back-up device is. "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." You know? If your data is really, truly important to you, you'd have it backed up in more than one place.
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