Tuesday, July 15th 2008

XFX Offers Cash-Back to GeForce GTX 200 Owners

If you happened to have bought a GeForce GTX 280 card when it released for US $649, you'd probably be extremely disgruntled, with people paying as low as $499 for the same thing now, and just weeks after release. Such changes in the tech-industry even cause major legal trouble for card vendors when such customers sue them in this regard. Ironically, the role of NVIDIA is limited to dictating prices, the partners have to bear the brunt of such awkward situations. XFX is the first partner to have announced a cash-back scheme for people who purchased their GTX 200 series products at their old (high) prices.

Says XFX: "Being the first to do anything is a rewarding experience. And now, if you were one of the first to purchase one of our XFX GeForce GTX 280 or GeForce GTX 260 graphics cards, there’s another potential reward in your future—cold hard cash.

Sudden changes in the market have caused the price for the XFX GeForce GTX 280 and the XFX GeForce GTX 260 to drop. As a result, we want to thank you for your continued loyalty and for believing in the XFX brand. And, to show our commitment to you, we are issuing up to $120 CASH BACK to customers who purchased one of these cards between June 16, 2008 and July 11, 2008. The actual amount of cash back will be determined based on the model purchased, as well as the date and price of the purchase."

The efforts of XFX at this point are commendable, though as customers of non-XFX GeForce GTX 200 series cards, you must expect your card vendor to put up such a scheme. Details of availing this scheme are provided here.Source: XFX
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10 points for XFX. Thanks for this bta.

- Christine
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Editor & Senior Moderator
Really, hats off to those guys. In a way I feel sorry for partners.
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Thanks btarunr.

Way to go XFX. Wonder how much they are covering? I can't imagine they would even try to cover what a retailer would tack on over what they did.
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i was ment to of got a xfx gtx280, but it wasn't in stock and i got a "free" upgrade to a bfg gtx280 oc :(
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nice xfx, lets hope the others follow suit.
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this is why the last nvidia card I bought was XFX, and their warranty kicks azz
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they are a little dearer but they have excellent condition cards and warranty

if i was to get a brand new released card id get an xfx

although im not stupid enuf to get a brand new released card
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XFX kicks ass, I just wish they didn't put shitty memory can coolers on their cards, or I would have XFX cards right now. But at least it looks like they have fixed those problems, and then some!

The partners aren't totally blameless here. They could have just as easily told nVidia to go screw themselves with their insane prices and not sold the 280/260 GTX.

And the consumer isn't blameless either. They got exactly what they deserved for buying overpriced pieces of hardware. They knew they were overpriced when they bought them. They just did it so they would have the best of the best, and they paid an extreme premium for it. It is a cycle that has repeated itself in the graphics card world for years.
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i rmemeber a fried of mine buying a Geforce 2 ultra for almost £500 gpb lol ,12 mnths later it wasnt worth jack.

just the way it is ,altho as mentioned hats off to XFX for this scheme ,hopefully others will follow suit ,but somehow id be very surprised if they all did.
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I hope BFG tech does this aswell :cool:
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Cold Storm
Well, now because of that, I'd tell anyone to go off and get a XFX card! That is worth it all! Glad to see someone making up for what happened to people!
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customers suing oem's for price changes? lol, WTF? no one told them to buy it now. everyone knows that price will fall after release
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+1 for XFX, nearly all of the NV cards I have are from them except for 3 :eek: They ain't just blowing smoke, they actually care about their customers :eek::eek::eek:
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I doubt partners can just say "screw u nvidia, we r not gonna sell the GTX280/260". They rely on nvidia for almost everything...essentially they are just nvidia's puppets, if one goes another one will fill the gap no bother.
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Semi-Retired Folder
Jarman said:
I doubt partners can just say "screw u nvidia, we r not gonna sell the GTX280/260". They rely on nvidia for almost everything...essentially they are just nvidia's puppets, if one goes another one will fill the gap no bother.
Sure they can, a lot of them have done it in the past. That is the major reason why the 8800GS failed, and had to be rebranded as the 9600GSO. Only eVGA and XFX picked it up for sale, the other OEMs didn't even bother with it. NVidia can't tell a partner to produce a card, they can't force XFX to produce a card they don't want to produce.
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If i was an XFX customer stuff like this would make me stay.
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I don't own this series of XFX cards, but this shows the companies dedication towards customer satisfaction. I am impressed.

hmm for once now NVidia is in Trouble.

Go AMD Go:rockout:
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Double lifetime warranties, and now this?

XFX for the win.:rockout:
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they have come a long way since my 6600GT, that card over heated because of there new cooler they put on rev2 cards and customer service took weeks to get me RMA, glad to see they are cleaning up there act. If i buy Nvidia its EVGA or XFX for me, no other way about it
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My next card will be XFX:toast:
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EGGcellent news! This is exactly why XFX is one of the best manufacturers around. Go XFX Go! :rockout:
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very very very impressive i wish they would team up with AMD/ATI.... that would produce some killer products:rockout:
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Case Mod Guru
DonInKansas said:
Double lifetime warranties, and now this?

XFX for the win.:rockout:
Add to that they made a few of the 9600s and 8800s with Black PCBs and its XFX FTW!!!!:cool:
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Live OR Die
would this be direct from were you got it from or only if you got one of there web site?
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