Wednesday, August 13th 2008

AMD Cuts the Prices of Three Phenom Processors

After Intel slashed the prices of several dual and quad core processors in the beginning of the week, today AMD informed it is tweaking the prices of three Phenom CPUs, too. First to receive price reduction is the 2.1GHz clocked triple core Phenom X3 8450, going down from $125 to $104. Second one is the 2.2GHz Phenom X4 9550 lowering down from $175 to $154. Third and final is the 2.6GHz X4 9850 Black Edition down from $205 to $194. All prices are for 1000-unit tray quantities.Source: TechConnect Magazine
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7 Comments on AMD Cuts the Prices of Three Phenom Processors

A dream come true:)

You misread the article.
The X4 9850 BE is dropping from $205 to $194, and the X4 9550 from $175 to $154.
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Editor & Senior Moderator
I flew for a moment when I saw 9850 @ $154 :)
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I'm soon going to be building a system for my daughter and that 8450 looks pretty nice...pretty nice!
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excellent i may actually be able to afford an upgrade to a phenom sooner
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Bird of Prey
Newegg has had the 194 price plus free shipping on the 9850 for at least 1.5 weeks now. Nice to see some price drops. My 9950 that Im eyeing iswhere the 9850 was at $235.
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Got my 9850 from Frys today for $179.99 on sale. :)
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Wile E
Power User
These prices are still too high. Intel is crushing them in price/performance in the 4core segment. AMD needs to wake up if they want to make a dent in the over 2 core market.
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