Monday, November 3rd 2008

Steam Cloud Platform Rolling-out This Week

Valve, creators of best-selling entertainment products and advanced technologies, today announced the roll out of Steam Cloud, a set of services for Steam that stores application data online and allows user experiences to be consistent from any PC. Steam Cloud is a free extension to Steam, a leading a platform for PC games with over 15 million accounts worldwide.

Steam Cloud support will ship with Valve's Left 4 Dead demo later this week and the full game on November 18. In this first release, the information stored and accessible through the Steam Cloud includes keyboard, mouse, and gamepad configurations, as well as multiplayer settings such as spraypaint images.

The Steam Cloud will "just work," meaning any user changes to their game options will propagate to the Cloud by default. Upon logging into Steam from another PC, these settings will be brought down from the Cloud and automatically leveraged by the game. Any configuration changes on this second machine are then synced to the Cloud for future sessions.
Steam Cloud will be available to all publishers and developers using Steam, free of charge, and Valve will add Cloud support to its back catalog of Steam games. Cloud services are compatible with games purchased via Steam, at retail, and other digital outlets.

"For some time now, Steam has allowed gamers to log on from any computer in the world and access their applications. This also makes it easy to upgrade a PC without worrying about losing your games," said Gabe Newell, president and co-founder of Valve. "Steam Cloud is a natural extension of the portability Steam affords gamers and developers, and we intend to expand its feature set as it is used in Left 4 Dead and other games coming to Steam."

For more information, please visit Steam Games.
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11 Comments on Steam Cloud Platform Rolling-out This Week

sweet, i was hoping that steam would do this, i can't wait to see how it works.
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yeah, this is what we all gamer needed, not a crapy DRM.

valve FTW
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This is quite awesome indeed. I hate playing a game on somebody else's computer and always having to re-configure crap.
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its a GOOD reason to move to legit games instead of pirated ones too. Now all we need is save games/character profiles moved across too :)
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It is a good reason to move to legit games now if only they were cheaper i even think that the prices on Steam are a bit rich =/
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this is great news, no more saving configs etc for when you reinstall the OS. prices may be a bit steeper on steam but i'd prefer to pay a little extra knowing my "cd/dvd" is never going to get "insert unfortunate accident here" and that patches are always downloaded and applied without have to faff about.
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Mussels said:
Now all we need is save games/character profiles moved across too :)
Totally agree, as long as this Steam Cloud thing doesnt mean you cant set individual quality settings for different PC's.
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Graphical Hacker
Sounds pretty good! I like having a roving profile!
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This is good for all steam user! :)
I like this innovative feature ^^
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