Thursday, February 12th 2009

Left 4 Dead Downloadable Content Free on Xbox 360 and PC

The recently announced Left 4 Dead Downloadable Content (L4D DLC) will be delivered to Xbox 360 and PC gamers free of charge. Due for release this spring, the DLC for 2008's best-selling new game property on the PC and Xbox 360, is dubbed the L4D Survival Pack and introduces a new multiplayer game mode entitled, Survival, plus two complete campaigns for Versus Mode (Death Toll, Dead Air). A Critic's Choice Edition of the game will be heading to retail stores this spring, and will include access to all the content introduced in the L4D: Survival Pack.

Left 4 Dead is a survival action game from Valve that blends the social entertainment experience of multiplayer games such as Counter-Strike and Team Fortress with the dramatic, narrative experience made popular in single player action game classics such as the Half-Life series of games. Released in November of 2008, L4D has earned over 25 industry awards from outlets around the world.

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Thank GOD not everybody is following the $$$DLC trend that's been started. Yet again another +1 for Valve.
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Didn't they announce this like 5 days ago?
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JoJoe said:
Didn't they announce this like 5 days ago?
On 11th. The fact that it was going to be free came up. The older release described the DLC.
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+1 for free DLC. I had a very good L4D session yesterday. The leader of my team was very cheery and took command, but didn't scream NOOB just because he knew all the shortcuts and we fell behind sometimes.
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sounds good valve know its customers well and appreciates them
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They could have easily put a price on this for their own good, but would rather offer it free. They really do care about the consumer, gotta love them.
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Performance Enthusiast
TF2 now L4D!! i want to feel valve all over my face!
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Can't wait for it.
L4D is awesome and I play it like every evening.
Its so great.
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It will be just like the Heavy Update in TF2!
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