Thursday, February 19th 2009

Dell OptiPlex FX160 is First Product to Support SiSM671 Chipset and Intel Atom CPU

SiS today announced the SiSM671 chipset supporting the Intel dual-core Atom 330 CPU has been adopted by Dell for its Flexible Computing Solution the OptiPlex FX160.

The SiSM671/968/307DV chipset supports the Intel dual-core Atom 330 CPU with memory size up to 4GB. With the integrated SiS Mirage 3 graphics, the image quality of systems designed with this chipset can be enormously enhanced. The SiS968 Southbridge and SiS307DV Video Bridge are paired with the SiSM671 Northbridge Chipset to optimize the functionality of Intel dual-core Atom 330 platform PC. By providing Serial ATA2 high-speed interfaces for HDD and SSD devices to accelerate data transmission speed, and by equipping USB2.0 ports, the SiS968 supports connecting with multiple peripheral devices, the Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11 b/g PCI-Express WLAN networking for high speed web surfing. SiS968 also implements the High Definition Audio function and SiS307DV performs the DVI graphics/video output features, to support truly High definition Multimedia content playback.

The OptiPlex FX160’s 2.4 Liter volume and space-saving design means it is about one-eighth the size of a standard ATX chassis with SiSM671-based chipset of Mini-iTX motherboard inside. Intel dual-core Atom 330 CPU benefits from new 45nm low-power micro-architecture processes, which makes the processor energy-efficient and provide excellent the application productivity.

The FX160 is designed to meet the growing customer requirement to make PCs more “green” and environmentally friendly. It helps reduce power consumption and cost with an integrated power supply and adopted fan-less solution that achieves up to 87% efficiency. Source: SiS
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wow. that things nice.

dual core atom in a tiny tiny box, pair it with a cordless mouse and keyboard and a 19" widescreen, and average joe has his nettop PC.
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