Sunday, February 22nd 2009

GPU-Z Ranked as One of the Most Essential PC Apps by Maximum PC

Maximum PC, a major computer player in both the cyber space and publishing media, has put together a list of what they think are the most essential PC apps every user of Windows ought to have installed. All 32 apps (except one) in the list are absolutely free for use. It's very important to mention that our GPU-Z utility is among them. Here's what Maximum PC has to say about GPU-Z:
Sure, you know you have a GeForce 295 card, but what do you know about it? If you want something that’ll brace the card for all of its specs, GPU-Z (no relation to CPU-Z) will do the dirty work for you. Offered for free by, this handy utility will tell you the clocks, the card revision, the number of transistors on the card as well as the process technology used to build the card.
I would like to use this occasion to thank my boss and creator of GPU-Z W1zzard for all the good work he has done, and I think we all should be thankful for his efforts.Source: Maximum PC
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66 Comments on GPU-Z Ranked as One of the Most Essential PC Apps by Maximum PC

Also special thanks to our reader 95Viper for this post.
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Way to go W1zz and TPU. :toast::rockout::respect:
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Gratz and thanks W1zz :toast:
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Congratulations...Nice job...:toast:
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Congrats W1zzard!:toast: You rock!:rockout::respect:

GPU-Z definitely deserves this kind of recognition.
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congrats w1zzard, another feather to put in your cap
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Congrats and thanks bro!
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Performance Enthusiast
W1z, you are a gentleman and a scholar, fantasic little app that i have used since version 0.1, when it already kicked ass and showed a huge amount of potential for what it has become today and what it will be towards the future.

i couldnt show off my beefy gfx subsystem without this app, and the monitoring goes without question, clocks, temps, volts, amps, it has it all.

hats off to my man W1z, you really do deserve it mate.
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Knows what makes you tick
Congrats W1z! It is a nice program to have around.
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Editor & Senior Moderator

I discovered through something similar. Digit, an Indian tech print-magazine had a column about ATI Tool in a "overclocker essentials" article.
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Wooo, nicely done. It's a very powerful and knowledgeable tool to have. Thanks wizzard, wut uppp!!!! *todd high 5*
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Nice going w1zz, Great app and great site :)
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Overclocked quantum bit
Well deserved

Thanks for giving us all such a fantastic app and for free, too, W1zzard.

Well worh that mention on the essential apps list! :rockout:
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i signed up here when ATI tool was in its early days myself. now we're a few programs later with a few hundred (thousand?) more users.

Keep it up w1zz, you make some decent programs.
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Congrats W1zz, GPU-z is a really good program. Lightweight, efficient, gives a lot of detail about graphics cards, but it doesn't bake cakes :ohwell:.
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F@H Mod & 4P Enthusiust
What's great about this site is the fabulous propriety freeware that is available to us. All seven of my rigs have have it loaded on them. Great work W1zzard!!!:toast:
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Congrats W1zz keep up the great work. And all the TPU team of course. ;)
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Resident Grammar Amender
Surprised CPUID didn't make it first. ;)

It is an excellent little tool, one I use daily. All we need is ATiTool back...
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10/32 of their essential apps in use, GPU-Z of course one of them. Well done W1zzard, hope many more versions to come :)
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Big Member
Congratulations Wizz! Not only did you create the most addictive forum on the planet but now GPU-Z is now number one. Nice job man. If you ever in Miami I owe you a crappy American beer :toast:
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:toast: to you Wiz. I enjoy using this program and appreciate all the hard work that wiz and everyone at TPU does...keep it up!!
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Congratulations Wizz!

Who here remembers Maximum PC when it was Boot-Pc? Cicra 96-98

I still have the last copy of boot and the first ever Maximum PC after the name change and the publisher change.
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Wow I only use 5 of the programs on that list :laugh: GPU-Z FTW Go w1zzard :rockout:
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