Wednesday, February 25th 2009

SiS LinkVast Announces Its First-Generation SSD Controllers

SiS Group Company– LinkVast Technologies Inc. today announced the first generation solid-state drive (SSD) memory controllers - LVT820 and LVT815 which manage the latest solid-state memory devices and support external DRAM interfaces to meet the advanced SSD hard drive performance requirements. In addition to standard size of Hard Disk Drive in Desktop PC, LVT820 and LVT815 also can be applied in various forms and sizes for different devices for Notebook/Netbook PC, Embedded system and specific application system markets.

With SATAII interface design, the data transfer rate of LVT820 and LVT815 up to 3Gbps. They support 8 channels (64bit/64CE) and 4 channels (32bit/32CE) memory systems respectively for the flexible and diverse capacity SSD hard drive usage. By designing with the architecture of 16-bit ECC technology, that ensures data transfer accuracy and achieve the reliability and longevity to SSD hard drive with built-in the Advanced Dynamic & Static Wear Leveling technology supporting.
LVT820 and LVT815 support all mainstream SLC & MLC solid-state memory devices. Comparing to non-external DRAM SSD memory controller, the external DRAM architecture is not only improves the read/write efficiency, but also increases the random write performance up to 100~200 times. This external DRAM architecture enhances the SSD hard drive performance under multi-tasking operations. The external DRAM interface supporting in LVT820/815 also can extend the SSD memory life cycle by reducing the wear out rate in solid-state memory devices.

LVT820 and LVT815 adopt the advanced 0.11um silicon process with LFBGA “Green” packaging technology. The application – SSD hard drive features in no noise, low power consumption, small size, anti-shock protection, longevity characteristics, and high read/write speed access with no latency delay and no seek error for the new generation storage market.

LVT820 and LVT815 are sampling and expect to be available on the market in June, 2009.
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