Wednesday, February 25th 2009

Cooler Master to Demo 20-Core Machine at CeBIT

Cooler Master seems to be showing keen interest in small-scale cluster computing, or at least the casing, power and cooling part of it. In a bid to flex its engineering muscle, the company that is known best for its coolers and PC cases, is coming up with an intensive cluster-computer dubbed "20 Cores PC". What might look like an overgrown PC case from the outside, with enough room inside to accommodate an enthusiast PC setup, water-cooling, massive storage, and still room left to hide things, actually is a modified ATCS 840 to perpendicularly stack up to five mini-ITX motherboards, in essence, five systems. Armed with decent skills in networking and virtualization, one can build a small cluster-computer out of those five sub-PCs.

The 20 Cores PC Cooler Master plans to demonstrate this CeBIT has five motherboards powered by an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 processor each (hence 20 cores). Each CPU is water-cooled by the cooling system in place. Each motherboard has all essential components connected such as dedicated memory (2 GB per board), and fixed-storage. Each PC additionally has its own optical drive. In the cooling efficiency tests conducted by the company, it was noted that after five hours of full-load, the hottest CPU reached only 66 °C, with an ambient temperature of 30 °C and chipset temperature of 38 °C. The temperatures seem impressive indeed, though credit goes to the three 200 mm ventilator fans, a 120 mm fan, and a water-cooling system consisting of five pumps and a large radiator. The entire unit is powered by a Cooler Master 1,200 W power supply.

Source: VR-Zone
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Please excuse me while I get a clean pair of pants...
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The Knife in your Back
Quiet impressive!
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1Kurgan1 said:
Quiet impressive!
Somehow I don't think that thing is quiet at all. :p
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Nice rig, nice cooling, nice cabling... Hey wait, you couldn't afford matching optical drives? For shame, Cooler Master, for shame :shadedshu

No, but seriously, very cool!
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Graphical Hacker
Quite good looking! I bet it is fast too!
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1Kurgan1 said:
Quiet impressive!
Words taken out of my mouth when I saw it.

Man that is very impresssive... Imagine if you were able to link those mobo like xfire/sli lol
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I would love to play Minesweeper on that thing. I'd TEAR IT UP! :rockout:

Now all they need to do if figure out how to jam 10 video cards in there, dump the whole thing in to a vat of liquid nitrogen, and we're all set for the next year or so. ;)
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That would fit right in with my 3DSMax rendering needs. Although I still feel for a future GPU rendering solution...
Now I only need a sponsor :)
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Anyone else notice it's a 1000W PSU?
Haha, just nitpicking!

Awesome though, truely awesome!
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discounting servers and mainframes, this is uber :rockout:
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crazy pyro
5 processors, Watercooling, I'm not ruddy well surprised it's a 1.2kW PSU.
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now if they could only parallel it all it it wouldn't be so useless to a gamer.
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Nice cabling job!

What a shame there isnt some kind of virtual task manager VMware system that could make all those separate PC's look like and act as ONE instance of the OS with 20CPUs appearing in task manager. Thread scheduling would have an enormous latency, but for lost of tasks it would be pretty interesting.
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Windows Vista would run very well! XD
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In the video it only showed one HDD. Is that only using one HDD? How is this possible?
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does it run as five seperate pc's though? coz i see five moniters or is it all linked into one huge uber computer? coz if its all seperate then its a bit pointless but if its all linked together that things bloody powerfull and what about gaming lol
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There is nothing impressive or special about this set up at all. Its just 5 separate MiniITX PC's in 1 large case.

You still need 5 monitors, 5 mice and 5 keyboards.

If any of you have ever seen a Server Clusters, its exact same thing, but smaller.

So your video games or your applications wont run any faster.

The only way these 5 PC's can talk to each other, is through LAN.
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SpatialAnomaly said:
I would love to play Minesweeper on that thing. I'd TEAR IT UP! :rockout:
no, tetris :eek:
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Unpaid Babysitter
Meh, its nice that they can stuff essentially 5 PC's into one case, but still it is just that 5 PC's not one.
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