Thursday, March 26th 2009

MSI Launches GeForce GTX 285 SuperPipe Graphics Cards

MSI introduced its first line of graphics cards under the 'SuperPipe' branding the company came up with. The name is derived from the heatpipes employed in the cooler, which have varied thicknesses. The two cards on offer are identical, but for the clock speeds they come with. Based on the GeForce GTX 285, the cards feature 1 GB of GDDR3 memory and 3-way SLI support. The base-model features reference NVIDIA clock speeds: 648/2474 MHz (core/memory), while the overclocked variant comes with speeds of 680/2500 MHz (core/memory).

The characteristic feature of these cards is the MSI Twin Frozr cooler. Under the shroud is the central GPU block from which 6 mm thick copper heatpipes arise to the central portion, while thicker 8 mm heatpipes arise towards the periphery. The heat is conveyed to a dense block of aluminum fins on which two fans circulate air. The cards have started to get listings in Europe, where they are priced under 340 Euro.
Source: TechConnect Magazine
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9 Comments on MSI Launches GeForce GTX 285 SuperPipe Graphics Cards

Eleet Hardware Junkie

super pipe?

sounds like they are just trying to shaft you on the price even more.
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Well it is MSI. :) They always look after the $$$/£££'s first, customer somewhere else down the line.
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It sure looks spiffy, I'll give 'em that :)
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Senior Moderator
Where do you put the "tobacco"?! :confused:
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How much more power can the memory take. I'd say the warranty must be on the low side for this card.
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like it except that msi puts MSI in the rear panel. i dont like that
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i hear this card say come on and overclock me
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Come to the US. That cooler looks good. I mean looks like it cools good.
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