Friday, April 3rd 2009

EVGA Announces the EVGA GeForce GTX 275

EVGA, the leading-edge 3D processor graphics cards and motherboard manufacturer, announces the EVGA GeForce GTX 275, offering first rate graphics, physics, and GPU computing performance. The EVGA GeForce GTX 275 appeals to today's value conscious gamers who desire a powerful GPU and support for both, enhanced 3D image quality and an extended range of 3D special effects that guarantee the best gaming experience for current and upcoming titles. The powerful 3D processor features the NVIDIA GeForce 275 GPU with a complete set of 240 processor cores plus super fast 0.8ns DDR3 memory. Also, EVGA is offering both 896MB and 1792MB versions ensuring you get enough memory to handle the highest of resolutions and texture quality.

A graphics card that does just graphics isn't enough anymore, the EVGA GTX 275 with NVIDIA CUDA technology delivers Graphics Plus. Go beyond traditional graphics with Graphics Plus and experience Stereoscopic 3D gaming, video processing for transcoding HD videos in minutes to your portable video player, and lightning-fast image processing using Adobe CS4. Products will be available soon through EVGA's network of leading E-tailers, Retailers, System Integrators, OEM System Manufacturers and Distributors.Source: EVGA
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8 Comments on EVGA Announces the EVGA GeForce GTX 275

I wounder just how much the larger fram buffer helps vs the stock one.
Im sure its going to be $25-$50.00 more for it, but it might help in some games, like MMOs and stuff like GTA4.
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Do they have to say "Full DX10 support" to make some one think it also supports 10.1 lol...
nice card, love EVGA
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I can step up from my GTX 260 for the price of shipping :eek: I already placed my order, looks like I'm #87 in line.
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Xtreme Refugee
a111087 said:
Do they have to say "Full DX10 support" to make some one think it also supports 10.1 lol...
nice card, love EVGA
if it did full dx10 it would do most of 10.1, and the other gt200 dont so i wouldent expect this to.

and isnt this just a refresh of the 260 with the 260 pcb so they can differentiate from the low end 260 thats coming out to replace it
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darn, I can find a supplier who has EVGA cards:(
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have mostly the same issue in australia mate their are bugger all suppliers with them, hey also note this card is an actual upgrade for those who have the GTX 260. It is faster then both versions however i recken unless you are using the step up program their is no point doing it.

Hey just had a crazy thought what would SLi be like on theses
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With so many variations of the same core driver works must be hard for Nvidia , optimize for 192 shaders ,now optimize for 216 , now optimize for 240 but on a 448 bit bus ......etc.
Cards are expensive to make for Nvidia and now drivers too , Ati kept it simple , same core but with higher frequency , little adjustements to none for drivers being the same core.
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hmmm and still their drivers arnt exactly brillant i wander what the porblem is???
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