Friday, April 10th 2009

Intel Displays Larrabee Wafer at IDF Beijing

Earlier this week, Intel conducted the Intel Developer Forum (IDF): Spring 2009 event at Beijing, China. Among several presentations on the the architectural advancements of the company's products, that include Nehalem and its scalable platforms, perhaps the most interesting was a brief talk by Pat Gelsinger, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intel's Digital Enterprise Group, on Larrabee. The term is Intel's first "many cores" architecture used to work as a graphics processor. The architecture will be thoroughly backed by low-level and high-level programming languages and tools by Intel.

French website took a timely snap off a webcast of the event, showing Gelsinger holding a 300 mm wafer of Larrabee dice. The theory that Intel has working prototypes of the GPU deep inside its labs gains weight. Making use of current-generation manufacturing technologies, Intel is scaling the performance of x86 processing elements, all 32+ of them. As you can faintly see from the wafer, Larrabee has a large die. It is reported that first generation of Larrabee will be built on the 45 nm manufacturing process. Products based on the architecture may arrive by late 2009, or early 2010. With the company kicking off its 32 nm production later this year, Larrabee may be built on the newer process a little later.

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The Doctor is in the house
Morgoth said:
lol soz
well i hope i can combine larrabee with my 2gb HD4870x2 :)
I was jk :p I think it larrabee is flexible enough to do pretty much anything and thats its selling point.
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"I go fast!1!11!1!"
Well, it is concerning if that information is accurate. I never expected Larrabee to be cheap but if they don't get the PCB layers down, it will be priced out of market. Still, I am confident Intel will get it to market one way or another. The question is whether or not Larrabee will be a beginning and end or just a beginning.
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eh that is a year old. and i'm sure Intel being who they are have found a way to resolve that issue by now. or i would assume they have. And if they were already talking about PCB design last year, isn't it a good guess that they have engineering samples? just keeping it sealed up tight.
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FordGT90Concept said:
Remember, Intel IGPs are the most popular graphics chips in the world...
Thats because of business computers and cheap laptops. It doesn't make it a good IGP! (But I'm sure you already know that)

If Larrabee can take over most of the jobs of my CPU, then I might buy one.

Now, something I'm surprised no one has discussed yet:

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lol i'd imagine so, but we don't even know operating frequency of the dam thing. lol just ideas of what it will do. i wish we knew more :(
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intel new strategy of technology is strange , GPU in cpu and in other news about remove the south bridge and make all things in north bridge
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More stuff NB does the more Traffic will be on it thus more overhead, and thus more heat with Single Chipping.
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true, but if they redesigned it some, especially the placing, to allow more room for better coolers that'd be nice. lol though i must say if it took all the workload from the SB you'd probly need a cpu cooler on that thing :laugh: 2 cpu coolers in 1 rig.
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AFAIK my DFI LP NFII Ultra B required a Sink on the SB and im thinking of eventually upgrading the cooling all around sans the CPU because the CPU Keeps Cold, just everything else is sensitive to heat.
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