Monday, April 20th 2009

MSI Launches N260GTX Lightning Fast Graphics Cards

MSI releases two GeForce GTX 260 video cards today - MSI N260GTX Lightning, and N260GTX Lightning Black Edition. First introduced at Cebit 2009, MSI N260GTX Lightning has twice the standard GeForce GTX 260 GDDR3 memory - 1792 MB, utilizes a Twin Frozr cooling with heatpipes, dual slot heatsink and two big fans. The card is reported to utilize 10 Phase PWM design, where 8 phases are reserved for the GPU and 2 phases for the memory.
There are two versions of the card, that are essentially the same, but differ only from the bundle package. The better version N260GTX Lightning Black Edition is paired with the company's AirForce Panel, an external touch panel that can change the card's voltages and clock speeds on the fly. It is not included in the Lightning edition. Detailed information on the clock speeds of both cards is below.


Source: MSI
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~Technological Technocrat~
a nice rather late Edition from MSI - some one needs to tell them the that 295GTX exists.
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W1zzard's Sidekick
Well considering that the 260 Frozr costs around 190€, while normal 260s start at 160€, I do not want to know how much a version with twice the memory will cost. probally around 250€ I guess. I don't know if that is worth it...

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:laugh: (as bare knees brush voltage adjustment touchpads)
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