Wednesday, May 13th 2009

Corsair Launches Advanced Cooling Options for Dominator and Dominator GT Memory

Corsair, the worldwide leader in high performance computer and flash memory products, today announced the new Corsair Cooling range of advanced cooling solutions for Dominator and Dominator GT modules, including the world’s first sub-ambient cooler for PC memory.

The new cooling solutions include the Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H30 water-block and Ice Series T30 thermo-electric cooler, which is capable of cooling memory to below room temperature for enhanced overclocking performance and reliability.

“Corsair has always led the field with the development of advanced cooling solutions for computer memory, such as the patent-pending DHX heatsink, which uniquely cools the memory chips and PCB,” said Jim Carlton, VP of Marketing for Corsair. “The Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H30 and Ice Series T30 extend that technology and performance leadership, providing even higher levels of cooling power, including the world’s first sub-ambient memory cooler for enthusiasts and overclockers.”

The Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H30 is a high performance anodized aluminum water-block, capable of cooling up to six Dominator or Dominator GT modules. The H30 water-block utilizes 3/8 inch inner-diameter tubing for compatibility with the most common water-cooling setups.

At the top of the range is the Corsair Cooling Ice Series T30, which is a revolutionary thermo-electric cooler capable of cooling memory up to 20°C below ambient temperature. Combined with the H30 water-block, the T30 allows for higher overclocking and greater memory performance and stability. In the Corsair Lab, the T30 was found to increase memory frequency overclocking by as much as 100MHz compared to standard cooling.

Sub-ambient memory cooling has long been of interest to enthusiasts and overclockers, but the problem of water condensation, which could cause damage to system components, has previously prevented the technology from being deployed. Corsair’s Ice Series T30 solves this problem by including a sophisticated humidity sensor circuit, which monitors the humidity, ambient temperature and memory temperature to prevent the DIMMs from being cooled below the ‘dew point’ at which condensation occurs.

This advanced cooling product allows gamers and enthusiasts to overclock their memory further for additional performance gains, while retaining rock solid stability.

The new Corsair Cooling solutions are compatible with Dominator and Dominator GT modules using the DHX+ heatsink, which utilizes removable fins to allow for modular cooling options to be fitted. They are available immediately from Corsair’s Online Store here and are supported by a 1-year warranty. Complete customer support via telephone, email, forum and Tech Support Express is also available.

About DHX+ Technology

The Corsair Cooling H30 and T30 solutions are made possible thanks to the innovative new DHX+ heatsinks, which feature removable cooling fins. These heatsinks are fitted to a unique, custom-designed PCB that allows both the front and rear of the memory ICs, and the printed circuit board itself, to be cooled. The T30 and H30 are attached to these heat sinks using an optimized thermal interface material and a secure compression fit, resulting in highly optimized thermal resistance between the heat source (the memory ICs) and the cooling medium.
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18 Comments on Corsair Launches Advanced Cooling Options for Dominator and Dominator GT Memory

Water cooling for EXTREME 1.65v overvolting!
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Who needs water cooled RAM, when you can have TEC cooled RAM.

Ice Series T30 thermo-electric cooler
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The Doctor is in the house
Nice stuff. Sub ambient cooled ram what next :D
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TEC ram? what cools the TEC?
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The Doctor is in the house
Mussels said:
TEC ram? what cools the TEC?
moar tec ? I think they use a water block for that.
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where the hell are my stars
hmm i want one that looks like fun
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Crazy 4 TPU!!!
Might as well WC your HDD's.

Pretty useless cooling solution for RAM unless your trying to pull some record breaking clocks.
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i thought that air coolers for ram was a bit much but this lol

my ram is fine with stock spreaders
unless your hardcore dont get this :p
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Funny, I don't remember Corsair making memory ic's?:wtf:

These would have been great to cool my old, dying, burning hot Tracers lol:laugh:
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the OCZ Flex series was the first to use a water block. you have the option to use passive or liquid the passive is actually one of the best heatsinks on a memory set I have ever seen however using liquid doesn't allow you to overclock more it's strictly a piece of mind when it comes to the temperatures, it sheds 10-15'c off thats it.
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not water cooled, tec cooled and if you ask me its pretty useless considering ram dosent get THAT hot the barbs on the cooler are to cool the tec btw
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Well, it's a TEC cooler with a waterblock to keep the hot side of the TEC plate cool. Sweet piece of kit if you ask me. I bet six overclocked 2 gig sticks of memory would get pretty darn toasty so using this block doesn't seem too crazy.
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Actually it's two products.

A water cooler for Dominators: Cheaper option for just watercooling them

And as Whilhelm said, a TEC cooler with a water block to keep the hot side of the TEC cool

The first link specifically says that it is a "Water cooling block specifically designed for latest-generation Dominator (removable fin) modules."

So technically they're both watercooled. One to cool just RAM and the other to cool the TEC that's cooling the RAM. :)
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did rams overclock really need cooler like this , i don't think so
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hayder.master said:
did rams overclock really need cooler like this , i don't think so
I dunno...if you overvolt them, it kinda makes sense
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As I suspected...and the watercooling only version should also bear results even if only 50Mhz more per module than you'd be able to push them on air. 2 thumbs up!!
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