Friday, June 5th 2009

ASUS Pioneers New Satin-brushed Aluminum and NeoWood Finishes for Netbooks

ASUS, which reshaped the notebook industry with innovations such as the use of genuine Moso bamboo paneling on notebooks, today showcased two new finishes that do much more than just beautify its products: Satin-brushed Aluminum and NeoWood. The Satin-brushed Aluminum finish, produced through Non-conductive Vapor Metallization (NCVM) technology, not only infuses treated surfaces with an elegant satin-brushed pattern, it provides scratch resistance, enhances the structural strength of the notebook, and improved wireless and Bluetooth performance.

The NeoWood finishing technique, which produces a high-strength wood grain veneer that looks and feels like real wood, is a first for the consumer electronics industry. It delivers all the benefits of real wood, including premium looks and natural tactility, while maintaining a level of resilience that far surpasses that of regular wood.
ASUS notebooks featuring the Satin-brushed Aluminum finish include the N81Vf, N60Sf and N51Vn, while the NeoWood finish can be enjoyed on the N60Sf*.

Satin-brushed Aluminum

The result of an innovative application of Non-conductive Vapor Metallization (NCVM) technology, ASUS' Satin-brushed Aluminum finish is a perfect example of form meeting function. It preserves the elegant coloration, luster and satin-brushed pattern of real brushed aluminum, yet offers vastly improved scratch resistance and strength. Another benefit of the Satin-brushed Aluminum finish is that it eliminates the interference of RF signals, which other metalized finishes such as aluminum cannot do. As a result, notebooks boasting the Satin-brushed Aluminum finish enjoy substantially improved 3D antenna efficiency and therefore greatly enhanced Wi-Fi and Bluetooth performance. ASUS notebooks featuring the Satin-brushed Aluminum finish include the N81Vf, N60Sf and N51Vn.


ASUS' NeoWood finish combines the familiarity and comfortable tactility of natural wood with the high tensile strength of modern synthetics. It looks and feels exactly like the wood used in high-end furniture, yet has much-improved hardness, friction resistance and abrasion resistance properties than regular wood. Notebooks that feature the NeoWood finish, such as the ASUS N60Sf, not only look breathtaking, they are structurally stronger as well.*The ASUS N60Sf is available in both Satin-brushed Aluminum and NeoWood finishes. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please visit for more details.

Source: ASUS
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7 Comments on ASUS Pioneers New Satin-brushed Aluminum and NeoWood Finishes for Netbooks

lol, looks like somebody tied it to the towing harness of thier truck and drove it through a gravel lot. I like it
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I started reading that post and a slight bit of rage build up in me. Then I saw your last sentence :)

:rockout: to black brushed aluminum!
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Why wood finishes? im sure theyd look great but not very practicle for lappys with the heat.
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Dont panic! It is "neo-wood". It is COMPLETELY FAKE. Not real wood at all. 100% synthetics. LOL.

BTW did you know that "neo-wood" is also called "plastic" to those in the know ;) LOL

Clearly ASUS have some rubbish netbooks that they know they cant sell on specification alone, so they are dressing them in the emperors clothes :shadedshu

Why dont we hear about some REAL technological breakthroughs, like better power management, lower voltage/power chipsets, improved screen resolution, maximum touch pad dimensions, improved keyboards, less "media buttons; this is a laptop not an mp3 player", better battery life, a "smart" docking station/dongle, improved software package, longer warranty, improved online experience downloading patches (ASUS website is one of the worst and slowest), optional DVD player with matching bling, can be purchased with STUDENT MS OFFICE at an all-in-one price, higher memory install abilities for users that want to upgrade from "home-handicapped" edition to professional, smaller power brick, clever magnetic connector system like on the macbooks (yes, that is a BRILLIANT feature, the number of times my macbook as survived a tripped wire by releasing the cable whereas the PC laptop has had to survive a crash onto the floor), free sex are you still reading?, better screen resolution, better ms response rates, better colour spectrum 99%, guaranteed no dead pixels over 12 months, HDMI out with dongle to VGA and DVI, optional matching USB powered portable speaker set, free coffee cup holder are you still reading, replaceable case/shell at a reasonable cost so that you can change the colour or replace a scratched/damaged laptop case, a small, light, carry case with handles to put the laptop in (oh, isnt THAT a pain trying to find the right laptop case for a laptop?), hot swappable battery... so you can carry a spare and switch it over (or add it on) without the machine powering off, built in GPS and/or UMTS, etc. etc. the list goes on
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Fake wood always look funny:\
but I'm interested in the Satin finish tho
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TPU addict
Nice, much better looking than plastic ones... At some cost i would of thought but nice all the same..
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Asus used to make kick a#s monitors that has brushed steel bezels and stands. I wish they released more brushed steel products, these screens are so much better then the current series, If this netbook is just as reliable I'll certainly be looking at buying one of these when they are available in aus. It looks awesome.
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