Monday, June 15th 2009

Foxconn P55 Inferno Katana and P55A Motherboards Pictured

Foxconn is ready with a socket LGA-1156 motherboard under its high-end Quantum Force series, a product line that includes popular models such as X58 Blood Rage for the Core i7, and X48 Black Ops for Core 2 series. This full-featured board is expected to pack a companion NVIDIA nForce 200 bridge chip alongside the Intel P55 chipset, which expands the board's PCI-Express capabilities by providing two PCI-Express x16 slots. The second x16 slot can divert 8 lanes to a third (black) PCI-Express x16 slot, giving this board 3-way SLI capability.

The CPU is powered by a 12-phase circuit. Four DDR3 DIMM slots support dual-channel DDR3 memory, while an additional NVRAM slot provides support for Intel Braidwood platform technology. Its six internal SATA II ports are wired to the P55 PCH, while additional controllers drive an IDE connector, and two eSATA ports. Gigabit Ethernet, Firewire, and 8-channel audio make for the rest of the mix. The board lacks display outputs, and hence doesn't support Intel Flexible Display Interface.
The P55A is Foxconn's grass-root, 'no-frills' motherboard for the Core i5. It has its basics taken care of, by whatever the P55 PCH and processor northbridge provide, which include one PCI-Express x16 slot, x4 and x1 slots, three PCI slots, six SATA II ports, four DIMM slots supporting dual-channel DDR3 memory. Foxconn's lineup kicks off in Q3 2009. The Inferno Katana could also have a scaled-down GTI variant.

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Want or not:wtf:

I like the Red'nBlack Inferno Katana tho...
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P55A looks good. I'm expecting it to sell for under $120.
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Sexy MOBO ..... :twitch:
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Too many red and black motherboards lurking around.
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Foxconn always has the best names for their stuff :laugh:
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